1. Not sure if it helps but you can fish outside the bubbles I’ve been fishing up there but mostly have caught bass

  2. Far as I know, nobody can fish there yet. I believe that that is going to unlock when they release the DLC with a certain character for that area. I didn't add the name in case some want to be surprised?

  3. I only tried moving Merlin’s house to the swamp and it crashes when i save and exit

  4. Thanks for clearing that up. Also that blackish dark color chest that was given at the start of game is like a Minecraft ender chest where u can access it anywhere but only one so if you empty it and put it in your inventory then ask scrooge to buy something, buy more of those dark colored chest and place them through your realms to access all over or drop items when needed to free up inventory.

  5. Are you able to have more of those chests with more space? Or are you accessing the same chest? But on mutiple places?

  6. Same contents same shared space, multiple access points.

  7. You can move the well to the other side, and gather mushrooms there. Once I did that, it took maybe 5 minutes to gather them all.

  8. How does this work exactly if i may ask? I tries this but no mushrooms will spawn. Where do you kove the well and then you fast travel to that well?

  9. Very clever, feels like cheating but i have been working on this quest for three days now so whatever

  10. Jupp 🤭 i wish u could use a button so that it will sort stuff in your inventory for you with one click

  11. That's so mean!!! The point of the game is to play it - it's not a weird shopping sim.

  12. Haha fair enough! Lots to go till I’m calling it done though! I am very happy with it though!

  13. Me either, following … i started with my house and did pathing and made a sun flower garden from the sun flowers i harvested … but stopped there, i definitely need some inspiration

  14. I sell almost every gem i find, except when i need it for a quest. I need the cash 😂

  15. Sorry to hear you have this problem. I play on switch and have not had this issue.

  16. Yes a companion. You can also get the squirrels and rabbits etc as companions. Every biome has its own critters. You can feed them every 24 hours, do this twice and you can jave them as your companion. Every critter has it's own way you can approach them amd they al want different food. You can change your companion in the wardrobe tab where you also change your clothes

  17. You can see it in your collection, under characters, if you look at the villagers it says in the bottom what you asdigned them to do

  18. Ok thanks, just after I posted this, Mickey went up a level and it said I had assigned him to gardening. So that's another way to figure out who does what!

  19. Haha yep! I assigned my characters to do things that fit them best as much as possible to help me remember. For example i take Scrooge mining and Moana fishing

  20. Yes that's the one!!! Thank you so much!!! :D For anyone else reading this, the code is MA-3544-4917-3703

  21. @kzylaa, do you have the design code for this path? I'm desperate 😅

  22. Yeah! It looks so awesome! Would love the design code for the path as well!!

  23. I used custom designs on a mannequin because they don't take up inventory space

  24. Happy birthday! Just celebrated mine a few days ago! Love how you can celebrate in the game!

  25. Don't you want to sell them to Flick? He will pay much more than Timmy and Tommy. and the drop off box gives you less than Timmy and Tommy would during opening hours. Maybe you already know this, in which case you probably have your reasons 😁😅

  26. Yeah i understand. I usually don't want to start over because i'll lose my villagers. I've personally never finished anything. Just the look of my island but never the museum or something. Eventually i just stop playing so it's best for me to start over. But i understand what you mean. I do sorta feel bad everytime, maybe i'll get used to it someday

  27. I try to fill the museum as best as possible but I never do. I think I just love starting over too!!

  28. WAIT I FOUND IT!!! MA-0185-5628-5396

  29. YESSSS!! thank you!! It looks awesome! I'm about to restart like i do every year so i need some new custom designs!!

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