1. Have you smoked again? or you quit?

  2. Whichever one you like most, will rock me often, and you feel is more worth your money

  3. I mean he got a ring, hopefully Wilson gets one with Denver too (ask me last year if I ever thought this would be a sentence).

  4. I don’t think that’s very likely because Russ cares more about money or he wouldn’t have handicapped the Broncos financially so badly for so long

  5. That would be a terrible idea. Wilson is notoriously

  6. HBD Frank! My dad was named frank, he was brutally murdered by a intoxicated Silverback Gorilla

  7. When you grow up you’ll get there to the point where you extend your hand to bring up people who feel lesser than you.

  8. Hey brother it’s the internet, sadly no way I can 100% detect a troll/not troll

  9. I was working in a high school work program as a community social worker, I was 19 and my supervisor was F24 and just graduated university, she just moved to the area a few months ago.

  10. My brother is 35 and is still growing physically in height

  11. bad bitch big butt suckin on my big nut

  12. I thought I was the only people who loves snow on tha bluff. It’s my PR song in the gym, every video of me max deadlifting has those lyrics in the back

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