1. Are we all gonna ignore the fact she was twerking beside a fucking cheetah?!

  2. I may be a bit harsh here, but most universities use an LMS that students can submit work to. Not all work will be submitted there, but most scored work will be.

  3. Wait until they find out the sun will consume earth even earlier as a red giant.

  4. Angel from Montgomery, Let You Down, I'll Back You Up, Dive In, Baby Blue

  5. Not diagnosed, but mom told me I used to only play with cars by spinning and watching the wheels. Also, I couldn't be understood until I was 3. Many othe OCD-type behaviors too.

  6. Just seems like a jerking off a dick into my mouth. Salty, I guess.

  7. Without an opener, around 815. That's how it was in Tampa this year.

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