1. omg thank you so much for the detailed answer and thank you for the details about college applications , I couldn't find that searching around . I'll look around for the videos thank you

  2. that's very good to know , thank you :)

  3. Not to my knowledge. But you can buy a used license or ask a student to buy it for you with the educational pricing.

  4. that's cool I didn't know about buying the used license , good to know , any idea where can I find a reputable seller for it ?

  5. that's fair , I'm asking just in case having a lighter action would be worse for me when I get a better keyboard or something

  6. د. چوزيف سمير امين ( عن تجربة شخصية) في عيادة lighthouse clinic في الدقي... معاه تيم كويس اوي... هو الاول شخصني و قرر اذا هاخد ادوية ولا لا عشان هو طبيب بشري بعد كده حولني علي اخصائي نفسي اسمه اندرو... برضو كويس جدا و الاتنين متقبلين اني ملحدة و اني من الlgbt...

  7. بيتعامل مع ال adhd عادي صح؟

  8. I had a similar experience. First few weeks were great and then I started getting some weird physical symptoms. Mr Dr told me to take a week off so I did. Everything cleared up and it started being effective again. It dropped off eventually so I had my dose increased

  9. good to know and does it work for you now or have you changed?

  10. Exactly, I tried using the web editor, but it seems like it has to be connected to the pedal to interpret the code. I wanted to try out the Dark Star presets, but I could only find the codes:

  11. it's in the same order , first one is darkstcrsh and so on

  12. that's depressing , he's a legend and also wrote the best YMO song which is Rydeen . RIP

  13. how to do I get my tremolo picking to sound like the part at 0:47 on the telecaster

  14. I've a silly question , Can I connect my pedals to my audio interface and use my pedal through my DAW ? I have a zoom ms70 that I'd like to use but I'm not sure If i can do so

  15. The benefits are not having to code your own implementation if you're allowing users to log in via third party services like Facebook, Twitter or any of the others it supports (or your own oAuth service).

  16. that's fair , thank you so much

  17. He's a legends , listen to inventions for electric guitar if you haven't .

  18. oh so basically you mean just make it even right ?

  19. i guess, but he could also rock being it cut straight... Kinda like here

  20. makes sense , thank you so much :)

  21. Have you considered flashing a custom ROM? Costs nothing and it'll improve your experience on your Note 8

  22. never really got into , would it really help ? I already have some burn in issues with the redmi screen anyway so I thought I'd upgrade anyway

  23. Yes, in my experience, custom ROMs have helped with battery life and performance gains. Worse case scenario is that you get a performance gain but no change in battery life.

  24. That's fair , lemme give it a try . Thank you :)

  25. What are some ways where I can improve my react skills , I already work with react and so but I'd like to get better at it outside work as I don't think I'm good enough yet and my code feels really messy, any video or text courses I can check that are aimed at non beginners that can give me better ideas and so on ?

  26. Been stuck in a nonexistent game since the patch, hoping I'll be free from this prison soon

  27. I had this , what fixed it is : go to live client , sign out , close the game , close every riot and league related process from task manager and then open pbe , hope it works .

  28. Was anyone able to make Zoe with gadgeteen work ? I tried to build it with bb healing damage but it seems like front line dies way too quickly for Zoe to do anything meaningful?

  29. No need for SSR if you have a finite number of predefined pages. (Like in OP's example.) It is far easier (and cheaper) to statically render each page at build time and save that to your HTML file.

  30. How would I do it then if Im using react ?

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