1. Yeah, with my left hand. With the right hand it isn't normal. I don't remember how it was when you were a beginner tho.

  2. Record yourself and the help you get here will be way better.

  3. "That flow" isn't wsrsf. "That flow" is the energy flow. Energy flow -> wsrsf and energy flow -> Garou ability. Not energy flow -> wsrsf -> Garou ability.

  4. You think prime axelsen is better than prime Lin Dan? Or Lee Chong Wei? Or Chen Long? None of the above.

  5. Have you seen matches between LD and LCW? And even CL? Their level is insanely high. Axelsen is winning right now because the general level is a bit weaker than before. Nobody is good enough to score points against him, except LZJ who can almost beat him. You watch LD and LCW, they’d be able to break through his defence. I’d argue even prime Momota would still beat current Axelsen.

  6. Ld vs lcw looks like they usually takes the ball later than Axelsen. It makes their rallies look good. But in reality I think Axelsens steep attacks would be a bit much for them.

  7. Actually yeah, there is a difference even on my phone. The left is a bit more blurry.

  8. I was worried the hiatus was over so soon. For Murata’s sake lol give the man a vacation cruise somewhere

  9. He just meant that next chapter is delayed due to work on the volume.

  10. can improve mentally, can probably get a tad more buff, but due to plot not too much so since then he'd be an immortal tanktop (may not change his theme or overlap another's too much), and he has guns for firepower.

  11. Idk why people think of Darkshine as being so powerful? He has nothing suggesting he is as strong as beefcake. Or what would that be?

  12. I just wanted to point out that if you ask a question that likely will evolve into a lengthy conversation or devolve into an argument, I will instead present a point of controversy people dodge around hypocritically finding justifications like they accuse Christians of doing.

  13. Why? Murata hasn’t tweeted about doing any pages for the next chapter yet. There’s less than a week until OPM Wednesday and Murata has only been doing volume 27 and animation work.

  14. Because there’s stuff like slavery that actually happened in response to skin color you twat. Of course it’s different than boob size or any other physical trait. This isn’t a gotcha, it’s you being a moron.

  15. To make it simple the first person basically said it is a problem to cosplay Fubuki with small boobs but not a problem with dark skin.

  16. Nah dude. To make it simple, you minimized the importance of skin color and compared it to any other physical trait and suggested that skin color only matters because people “think it matters” which is bullshit.

  17. Зачем, там особо ничего не изменилось (в перерисовке только двойная базука добавилась и всё)

  18. Well if you mean in terms of mass then yes 50 trillion walls will add up more than a mountain, well depends on the type of wall. A brick wall, with a small weight assumption of .1 tonnes and times it by 50 trillion, you get 5 trillion tonnes. Mount Everest for example is 350 trillion pounds which is 175 billion tonnes.

  19. Yeah I looked that up too but I didn't mean mass I meant the destructive energy thing...

  20. Saitama literally says to him after he kills him that he’s really strong and he held back so he could give him his wish, that’s also why he used his serious punch at the end. And him holding back on someone implies that they’re already not a challenge

  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/OnePunchMan/comments/rr0jin/saitamas_intentions_fighting_boros_an_analysis_of/

  22. He consisted of trillions of cells and each cell has a "brain". If he wanted to he could split up to trillions of himself with each figure only consisted of one sperm each(but then they are weak). He could also put 100 cells in one body or anything.

  23. We have not seen any character survive one of his punches but we still have no idea of his power.

  24. It also means that clearly the HA had a handle on Garou. Which wouldn't happen if he beat S-Class.

  25. Which means everything knows an S-Class beat Garou.

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