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  • By - aauth

  1. Now I need to wash my eyes with holy water

  2. It’s all the new gear released for this event it’s just to showcase them. You can “win” them though but that’s if you spend enough money

  3. We can say that is just for showcase which is really annoying

  4. Honestly Microsoft is destroying the game, trying to make it as kid friendly as possible just so they can cash in. How about while you're at it add a cosmetics update, because if it's one thing kids love it's shitty microtransactions that make their character look like some sort of fucked up highlighter. Can't wait to see the main menu full of ads trying to get me to purchase the new gay pride shirt for my block game character!!! Gotta be inclusive to score those extra bucks!!!

  5. Right, but we have cheat clients while they have their pacifiers on and brain damage

  6. As the comment above said, vote and speak/scream with your wallet, dont open it and see how quickly they are more generous, i have been saying that ever since upwake bought the game, the grediness has skyrocketed with unfair bs old prizes to clutter the 3 chests and 250 components for each opening instead of the lowest being 500 comp, not spending speaks way louder than just complaining on reddit, yt, fb,etc.

  7. Bruh we had to get 4.900 tokens of the bronze case in order to open the garanteed rare

  8. Not to mention, that people in the last event had to spent 30€ (i live in Europe) for 18.000 x 2 to get the mars limited edition, and as always they nerf it to the ground. which is 360 boxes

  9. Bro could put a 1000mw laser on it and then he would be a menace to society

  10. Does anyone know how to rent a a orbital Cannon l, i would bring that plane down

  11. With the bosses of this subreddit we could free ucraine and invade Russia

  12. I literally spent 30€ on 360 boxes 18000 X2 so sad to get the gothic mars nerfed

  13. That’s the reason why I find the upcoming nerf to the Mars so confusing. The Mars has high potential to do damage but also is fragile to attacks. It’s balanced.

  14. It's another one of these nerf to the ground moments of pixo, in the case only hope is they do this later so we can change the nerf a bit

  15. Honestly idc i use mars bc it's my 2nd favorite, 1st is the seraph, also I'm full of balanced units and overdrives

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