Magnus makes a statement

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Magnus Carlsen resigns after two moves against Hans Niemann in the Julius Baer Generation Cup

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  1. personally i dont want the liars to date, when they break up its messy but i understand people shipping them considering their actual love interests are as interesting as brick wall. i hope next season they give us more compelling relationships and give the love interests more depth.

  2. If hans really wasnt cheating then I do feel awful for him because what else is he supposed to do at this point. retire? cant change what happened in the past and its impossible to prove you didnt do something. its basically his word against the world champions and its pretty obvious whos side the tournaments are going to be on.

  3. a violation of what? he has mods approve his donos otherwise kids would spam racist crap

  4. i dont think they mean a literal violation of the rules, violation is also used as slang to refer to disses and insults.

  5. I've just analysed this game on chesscom and the report shows that Hans played with 100% accuracy. This is very suspicious

  6. is that really that crazy to get with only two moves? im asking genuinely

  7. i like 3 tribes to begin with because you get to know each player better but i dont like it when they stay 3 tribes all the way through the pre-merge, i feel like it limits the players options.

  8. to be fair couples dont need to post a lot to show theyre still together but i guess its also part of the job of being a social media influencer. people want to be kept up to date.

  9. since hsm3 is the play next season… ricky. ej isnt going to be in the play to sing it.

  10. have your girlfriend emotionally cheat on you for a friend?

  11. not having a plan for the future, not being ready to grow up and having a father who looks down on you… youre dumb if thats what you got from me saying “something people graduating high school can relate to”

  12. they literally say they’re focusing on their high school students for now and that he will be an important part later in the series… whenever that is

  13. the other characters can be the main focus but that doesnt mean he wont be included at all, matt is an important member of the cast so he’ll want to give him a proper send off.

  14. I like this context but my question is: how long will this relationship last? With how long it has taken, I hope a while!

  15. therell probably be some things thrown their way but theyll definitely be together until the end of the series

  16. The reason they felt so rushed, to me at least, is because there hasn’t really been any mutual pining. It was all from Ricky this season, Gina was focusing on her relationship with EJ (which also makes it weird that SHE had the confession but that’s a different story)

  17. gina did her pining last season. this season was rickys turn.

  18. can i have this dance, night to remember, now or never, the boys are back, i want it all and most importantly, scream! wonder whos going to get that song.

  19. i dont think they ruined his character at all. his character was very compelling and interesting this season which is something i never felt about him in previous seasons. his character was set up to have a very important and interesting arc next season. i feel like you guys get way too hung up over romantic relationships sometimes. his storyline is something a lot of people can relate to.

  20. no because i like sofia and joshuas chemistry more but id respect the journey rini in this scenario had

  21. That Ricky and Gina kiss at the end ruined the whole show. This show now has no rewatch ability. I’m actually the few who enjoyed season 2 and a big part of that was rooting for Portwell. Same with season 1, a big part of that was Ricky and Ninis end scene. Now those plot points have no significance, so no point in rewatching. Also with Ricky, how does he always get the girl, it’s like he gets any girl he wants, ffs show writers. Would’ve been a better ending if portwell got back together, atleast that would have came from left field and been a surprise. I saw this conclusion since season 3 episode 1.

  22. if one kiss from a relationship thats been set up since the beginning ruins the entire show for you then you obviously didnt like the show very much to begin with

  23. My only question is: no madlyn? Jet and Maddox better come back next season and this better happen, because if they ignore all the hints they've thrown, I swear to god.

  24. obviously theyll go into it more in season 4. they womt bring up a big plot point like that and never talk abt it again.

  25. I guess I see it differently then 🤷‍♀️ Ashlyn’s story has barely begun, Kourt’s anxiety has only truly started to show (anxiety doesn’t magically get better overnight and we have barely seen any storyline from Kourt in the last 3 seasons), jet and Maddox as individuals have BARELY been explored, it’s just been their relationship as siblings (ex: them randomly saying jet got expelled and forgetting about it and Maddox suddenly being part of the main friend group), and ofc the love triangle. Like if you think about it, nothing really happened with the characters to a point where we got full development this season. It’s not as bad as S2, but it definitely gives it a run for it’s money.

  26. we still have another season chill. the things you listed are obviously going to be things explored next season, not everythings a season long arc and has to be resolved within the span of one more episode.

  27. i mean to be fair you can be mad in the moment and then regret the choices you made when you were mad later

  28. Part of the game, the votes happen at FTC when emotions are high, not six months later after watching a heavily edited TV show…

  29. i am aware. i was just explaining that even though its part of the game, people are still allowed to regret the decisions they made in said game. im sure most survivor contestants have regrets, its a normal thing.

  30. tim said in interviews before that his ideal was 5 or 7. i think its likely we’ll get 5, season 5s musical being based on themselves like the final hsm movie. s4 is also only one semester and we need to atleast get to graduation (for rickys year obviously).

  31. no. hes had one of the biggest arcs and has influenced multiple other characters arcs. hes the centre piece of this season.

  32. kids: miguel > kenny > hawk > sam > robby > tory > devon > demetri > kyler.

  33. the most fleshed out and interesting characters on the show for sure

  34. probably because they need time for the dialogue and storylines too

  35. i think its different because theres now a documentary involved and that gives the show a new deadline. also it just fits better to make it two weeks instead of a month i guess.

  36. I think they did a time jump between "rcosl" episode and "colour war" episode

  37. I never thought in a million years that this show would deliver a sapphic love square to me. The writers deserve a GLAAD award.

  38. i think maddox and ashlyn both being fleshed out characters with a genuine build up makes it more special to me as well.

  39. they do in the actual show but i doubt itll be included in this production of it

  40. he’ll get a job because thats what you do in gap years. he’ll likely get a job related to miss jenn and next seasons play.

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