1. I did that a couple years ago, I recommend including his exegesis as well because it really lets you see where he was going with his later works, that they were all attempts by him to explain or rationalize this mystical experience/ psychotic break he had

  2. I happen to have just begun Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

  3. Ni is like a computer running in the background. Imo math is for anyone who’s interested in it.

  4. How can you look at your finish in math if you don't know the solution?

  5. Functions are complete nonsense to start with. That's why pretty much none of the predictions they make actually are true.

  6. Haha jeez that review is a bit cringey. I’d be interested, though. As “controversial” (and outright detested by many) a figure as she is, I enjoy her writing and have read her shorter, lesser known books Anthem and We The Living, though many years ago, with the intention to read The Fountainhead eventually. What interests you in reading it?

  7. Its inspirational character. She even states in the introduction that her purpose is to display such characters as she'd like to meet in real life. The passion that the MC of The Fountainhead has for architecture is remarkable.

  8. I understand the workings of both having to do with internal values which allow Fi users to maintain consistency in their own subjective identity. Whilst Fe users build upon external values & strive to adhere to others based on principal.

  9. Se seeks to conform? What about the one that I'm the worst at, i.e., Si?

  10. I used it for my class ten years ago and I enjoyed it. How is it for you so far?

  11. I'm also enjoying it; thanks for asking! How useful have you found the knowledge you've learned from it?

  12. I was taking a class, so we used the exercises more than the text itself. It was ok I guess, I don't remember much about it. I still have the book on my bookshelf though. Sometimes I refer to it when I need to!

  13. This was probably written in a hurry. You don't like to beat around the bush. You want to get to the point. Your large y loop – strong physical and material drives and imagination. You probably like to be around people and have a good time. Wavy baseline – moody. No beginning strokes – likes to get to the point and do away with nonessentials.

  14. Hey, thanks, but I meant songs related to the type. The one I used in the post is stereotypical NiTe, highlighting why the Fi is childish

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