1. My favourite ultra brothers. I like zoffy because he has unique attack like m78 ray and his design with his medal. He is really cool but got nerfed. I wish there is a series about him

  2. Source (top) full image created by @Blueflame_blue

  3. I just clicked the link to see if this was just a joke or something. Let's just say this person like hikari and mebius a little too much

  4. You don't want to know how long i have to make this video and I actually have another idea to make Ultraman & jack new op but I'm tired

  5. Cause he ain't got...nobody...to listen..to listen..to listen..

  6. I'm blue da be da be dye da be de da be dye da be de da be dye da be da be dye da be da be dye

  7. This design will be good in animation but in live action not quite good

  8. Yarr Glen-shisho! Those Barossa pirates be challengin' us again today!

  9. Tell me you haven’t actually watched Dyna without telling me

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