why must they do it

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Can't stop seeing stars

  1. I just realize that the fifth pic is the same Ultraman. So probably shinjiro vs zarab

  2. This is very odd. So I will try to make a video of these Ultraman heisei using the American voice actor see how it goes...... I will soon

  3. Eating during suhoor is a sunnah. Not eating is makrooh which is not a chad move

  4. That man give us so much imagination just by making a rug. 🫡🫡

  5. big alien silhouette Man erase all the memories so a man from the future sends a toy to our diamond boy then he made million copies of it to send to the children of the land of light (or new gen heroes) as a Christmas gift. I think that's how it goes

  6. Cool, as in like when a solicitor knocks on your door at home cool? Or when someone calls you and it's spam cool? Sure. Moron

  7. I'm not gonna say too much but....................................DAAAAAAAAMMMMMMN

  8. No it’s a joke about Jack’s name being “Ultraman Returns” in Leo

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