1. The pops for Backlash '99 and Foley's title wins will never be replicated.

  2. Good question, there are few ones that literally went on for a long time; Mo Qi, Anton Chinoki, Open Mike, Vic Smith

  3. Bruh that's Kevin Hart, the name is literally in the box ppl 🤦🏾

  4. The might be going for a Batista type thing because Batista didn’t talk as much with Evolution as others, just like Solo

  5. Yesss. Someone else that gets it. And also, when Batista started lightening up and the crowds started liking him, I wonder if the crowd and the writers will do that with solo

  6. Everything looks ok to me, he's just doing a sit-down leg drop 😏

  7. That's actually pretty promising. If LA Knight doesn't win, I swear it better be Edge so he can cash in on Seth

  8. Even his face says "come on guys give me a chance 😭". Ngl I actually kinda feel bad for him

  9. Nothing wrong with that, actually I'm all up for it. Only problem is, Brandon only does Reddit like once a month now for some reason, and Idk if he's gonna be able to see it or not 😭

  10. Bro that's Hulk Hogan, can't you see him throwing up that "brother" sign

  11. You would be surprised Jeffery Dahmer has many fans and I ain't ashamed to say benoits a fantastic wreslter and I'm.a fan of his in ring work

  12. Face is pretty cool, depending on who they are, but being a face can also cool down. So imma say heel cause people despise the hell outta you 😂

  13. Imo, the Montreal Screwjob and when Stone Cold turned heel and joined Vince

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