1. Don’t even get me started on the amount of idioms I’ve had to google on calls because for some reason corporate world loves using idioms rather than directly just saying what they mean. If I hear “pie in the sky” one more time …. I’m like why? I have to regoogle the meaning everytime because I find this idiom just so odd and unnatural to process and remember it’s meaning

  2. What dose pie in the sky mean makes me think of cloudy with a chance of meatballs type stuff.

  3. That’s what I thought. I don’t know I asked and people at work told me it means something good. So then I proceeded to ask if I could replace “pie in the sky” with “cookie in the sky” since I like cookies better and then they said that wouldn’t make sense. I’m like well now it doesn’t make sense? I mean a pie floating never made sense

  4. Aww thanks, I spent probably an hour staring at my screen for it! And now I can pose as the driver in all those 'i saw the pizza planet truck today!' posts 🤭

  5. Oh I don’t like event numbers. But I like the number 3 and that’s your first digit so it’s okay haha it’s not the worst even number I suppose.

  6. I know ain’t 3 just a good number? It just feels right. I can’t explain it

  7. Because audit isnt value added. Audit is a government requirement for compliance. Youre a necessary evil

  8. Completely agree. It’s much more value add and it also requires in my opinion a much more difficult and time-consuming type of work with every account and customer ranging in size, objectives, and different market segments across the various industries and sectors. It’s a lot

  9. I'm afraid to have children because I'm not even capable of fully taking care of myself, let alone someone else.

  10. I would love to have a dog but I don't for the same reason.

  11. I wish they sold mint ice cream without the chips. It’s so good but you can’t find it anywhere without the chips.

  12. Please talk to an adult you trust about your relationship. 17 & 23 is a big gap and it sounds like she is also pressuring you to self diagnose or something. Something sounds off there.

  13. I agree with this. As a girl near this age I would not feel comfortable even dating a 21 year old male. The age gap in this stage of your life particularly is just when so many changes happen and your brain changes a lot to mature and grow.

  14. well yea statistically but that dosnt mean everyone is the same or identifies that way

  15. I agree I just like the comfort statistics provides, though not perfect, in handling the uncertainty, nebulous side of life. Maybe it’s an Asperger thing. I’m not sure. I just hate not knowing things or a lack of predictability. I guess I’m not very fun or wild in that sense I admit this may make me sound rather boring.

  16. I get that but it would be helpful to think of flirting or dating as more of an art

  17. I don’t know. I actually don’t disclose my diagnosis of ADHD in particular because I get worried people wouldn’t want to work with me if they found out. It’s not quirky I agree. I don’t understand the logic to fake it and be upfront with it when I’m diagnosed and I hide it. I don’t get it either. It bothers me as well to not understand the logic.

  18. I do. I read somewhere that people who don’t feel in control of their lives tend to do this.

  19. This is so spot on. I have never read something more accurately depicting my thought process writing every email ever.

  20. I understand. I am with you. Does this help? Probably not, but I’m bad with words hence I have the same issues as you. But yes just know im with ya there

  21. Absolutely. All family members really. It’s why I don’t like family events even as an adult lol still have to mask

  22. This might be totally off base, but impulsiveness is a strong ADHD trait. Is it possible you could have both?

  23. I have ADHD. It is a strong trait for this you’re correct. It sucks. To be honest I’m not sure how to help this problem. I also would welcome any recommendations as I’ve never been able to figure out a solution for myself personally unfortunately.

  24. Yay this makes me happy. I am so glad your workplace understands you!

  25. Last year i invented a new political ideology, and wrote a document for it. I was fixated on it for months. Then i left it unfinished and can't go back and finish it because brain.

  26. “Because brain” just never heard a more perfect description. I understand what you mean completely and relate 100%

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