1. I think a free spinning eternal flat would be neat as an earlier part and perhaps a rubber flat with no gears so it can be flowered. One where the gear comes out later in battle and earlier in battle would be neat too.

  2. So can i consider Perseus an A tier stock? If yes , what spin would you recommend and for what type of beys? I'm not really looking forward to customizing it at the moment.

  3. Yeah probably A or B stock combo. WD has a lot of life after death which pairs well with it’s left spin mode and a lot of same spin stamina, but it’s high recoil means pretty low defense, which is why it’s paired with attack tips mostly in competitive play.

  4. Is there any advantage of right spin? I get it that the high recoil makes it a 50/50 chance on which beyblade gets knocked out of the stadium first , but there's gotta be a few more advantages of right spin I'm yet to know

  5. In stalling or combinations right spin does well as it doesn’t equalize and MF for example doesn’t have much life after death. For stock right might be better against a left bey or against defense types with low same spin stamina

  6. It’s funny I only have a few but it seems to be the ones you don’t have 😅 (Gemios, Eagle, Virgo). Truly an amazing collection worthy of an upvote

  7. Not only will they rescind their offer for admission but they’ll come to your house and RKO you. This happened to me, proof -> 🤕

  8. If you worry about something out of your control you’re making yourself suffer twice. It’ll work out!

  9. No, there are no midfakes for random boosters so far. However I’ve seen a lot of midfake white and blue grand Cetus. I’m not really sure where they come from, maybe a midfake sonokong version.

  10. Yeah I was just wondering because I have the zero g random booster vol 1 that has D2012 on it I think

  11. Actually this happened to my brother’s TT Xiphoid and Prominence Knight Sword’ driver so it’s not an exclusively hasbro problem

  12. Amazing setup! You have a lot more set pieces than I do. Very nice looking!

  13. Thank you so much! Have gotten quite lucky with a lot of Facebook marketplace finds!

  14. Yeah facebook marketplace is an amazing place to find deals, especially with stuff like this where shipping can be expensive. You can see my setup if you’re willing to sift through my old posts 😅

  15. Still a great competitive combo in limited, I actually use this combo because it’s tall enough to have a chance against flame 230 while also doing well against low stuff like earth on 90EWD

  16. Oh really… I thought so. Kraken always got knocked out easily. This vid brought back pleasant memories.

  17. Kraken was actually one of the first beys I got when I got back into MFB because it was cheap on Amazon. For 15 dollars USD or whatever it was back then it was a great deal for a competitive chrome wheel and fun track. The stock bey kinda sucks but it’s still very fun

  18. Burst stickers had a good idea in sealing the stickers with a laminate cover layer for ink/wear/water protection. Did that for my printed stickers.

  19. Basically for some reason gold (and sometimes metallic) plastic tends to be much weaker. An example of this is the plastic gen bey Uriel which shattered after only a few battles. And this wasn’t the fault of the Attack Ring design as the hasbro Recolor called Walborg 3 for some reason was much more durable.

  20. That’s very strange and interesting, do you have a theory of why is that?

  21. Honestly not sure, probably something to do with how the plastic hardens. Maybe what it’s made of is just weaker. I’d be very interested to know why for sure

  22. Ahh thank you for posting this! I didn’t know they released it again, been waiting for this, just ordered mine! Super excited about the sheet music.

  23. Yeah I found out it was listed from this subreddit as well 😅. I love the sheet music included but I wish it included the sheet music to Prelude

  24. I keep seeing people get this record and I'm so jealous bc I want one but I dont have a record player, tempted to but the record anyway as I am planning on getting a record player. Idk

  25. I’d recommend it just in case it goes out of stock again. The price shouldn’t shoot up as much if that does happen due to increased availability but still $25 is a good price

  26. Yeah I thought so too at first but it seems whiter and it’s weird the lot comes with only this AR and only a normal colored blade base.

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