1. https://giphy.com/gifs/31VITMTXUOD7Cqzp3Y

  2. Too much FUD. He wouldnt purposely fuck his own company yet people think hes fucking retail. Too many Shills

  3. I feel you. Idc what the guy says when everything he's DONE points to being dirty.

  4. "Lmfao", I've literally held amc for coming up on 2 years now you redard. But by all means, keep blindly trusting suits. Gtfoh.

  5. So you dont trust it but you have some and keep holding. You couldnt sound stupider. I would rather be blind than just plain dumb. I cant trust someone that cant spell you "REDARD" you shill with the empty 1 year old profile. OBVIOUS SHILL🀣🀣

  6. Now they are transferring my accounts over and i have to create a Schwab account to access them!

  7. Wait until Citadel starts trading crypto! That will be a whole other level of corruption! And no one will have a clue.

  8. Crypto is very shorted as well. Ribonhood holds the most dogecoin. I wouldnt doubt Citadel is very active in that shorting as well.

  9. The Rothschilds have 0 to do with this. Stop your old racist conspiracy theories.

  10. https://www.donaldwatkins.com/post/the-rothschilds-controlling-the-world-s-money-supply-for-more-than-two-centuries

  11. Watkins, a long-time figure in Alabama business and politics, was sentenced to five years in prison in July 2019 after being convicted of running a years-long, multi-million dollar fraud scheme, defrauding people like former NBA star and sports television personality Charles Barkley.

  12. 10 days of research you did and thats what you come up with 🀑🀑🀑🀣🀣🀣🀣

  13. No its not. Nothing will have more meaning than the original. Getting to 8.01 now has absolutely no meaning. Just HODL we are almost there

  14. What meaning did it have then? Here we are over a year later and its 7$? Been in the shitter ever since ape was dropped. Hell of a game of chess

  15. Have you even wondered what that battle meant or any battle? All other battles were people just screaming battle for no reason. That friday was a battle for 8 dollar strike price ITM call options that we won. The tremendous amount of call options was really the nail in the coffin for them and it really started to kick start this movement even more. Not one battle has been as significant.

  16. These wtf is happening to the price posts are tiring. It will go lower so prepare yourself mentally and stay zEN. The price right now DOES NOT matter. Relax. DD is done and they havent covered. just HODL

  17. Fuck you! I’m with the plan of the πŸ¦β€™s and have been since the beginning!!! I’m DIAMOND HANDS! I wear a mask!

  18. Why? For mentioning what they've done before? Learn some new words maybe, you're starting to look like qultists

  19. Qultist = q anon cultists smart guy

  20. Lmfao I see now what Im dealing with, an extreme negative leftists. At least I can thank them for allowing the stock market to burn. Your still a SHILL shilling and spreading FUD 🀣🀣

  21. Dilution does not make a difference. The price has already been split across AMC and APE. Plus, AA needs shareholders approval first. And that's us.

  22. That should say "HEDGEFUNDS" Institutional Investors are trying to get paid as well

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