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  1. block button my ass……… i will reach into the screen and kill the mf myself……………

  2. Shoot the one on the far left and beat the far right one to death with the empty gun

  3. I cannot believe I lost all my previous accounts in your name by saying fuck mods to a mod when you got temp banned, I cannot believe I offered all that. You betrayed my trust beyond words and comrehension. You are no man, you're not even half the man

  4. Well the slasher was op back then, but now it's the garbage bin.

  5. pretty much all old event towers were except glad cuz hes special for some reason

  6. it’s because they’ve sold him for robux previously lmao archer went for sale then became part of the meta for the event it was released in and i forgot if any other events were sold

  7. since that event is over archer literally has no use than being a shitty early game tower rn tbh

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