1. I worked in dual diagnosis (substance use and a mood disorder) for a bit while working in inpatient treatment. Every time someone returned I would greet them and tell them how glad I was that they were still around and chose to come back. When they would leave, I would tell them that if they ever felt like they needed us again that I would be just as thrilled to have them come back. For people who are so often rejected by their families and society having anyone treat them like they are worthy means the world.

  2. As someone who was in a dual diagnosis program, thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  3. I thought posting the children on here was a Nono bc they can’t consent yet?

  4. I just chopped mine bc it was growing super funky, here’s to hoping for her long awaited return

  5. If it’s still putting out new healthy leaves I would say it’s probably fine, they are notoriously dramatic lol

  6. Daily reminders to myself! Some days are easier than others, but what’s important is we keep on trying! 💜

  7. You both look so genuinely happy it radiates beauty through you both. Wishing you all the best!

  8. I’ve started not shaving my legs and im more confident about it because I realized that anyone I would actually want to talk to wouldn’t have a problem with my leg hair

  9. You could definitely find a fancy enough jumpsuit if you didnt want to do the whole suit jacket and tie thing!

  10. All you need to be is good enough for yourself. You look lovely, have a cute stuffed animal to snuggle with, and tomorrow is a new day. Sending you all love and a reminder to start a new project you’ve been wanting to; do something that makes you happy for the sole purpose of making yourself happy!

  11. My favorite thing about TAPLAP is the amazing community of plant lovers that comes together over a shared hobby 😌

  12. I have always had luck with misting the leaf that is stuck and then using a wet q-tip to very gently push underneath the leaf. Just go very very slow and keep the area moist, to encourage the sheath to open up.

  13. This is the method (misting and gentle coaxing) I used that managed to free it!! Thanks!

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