1. Have you looked into surrounding towns? Woodland isn’t to bad. Woodland to Ikea is about a 23min drive.

  2. I took the exam a few months ago with the last outdated edition study guide, very helpful and I don't think necessary to get the new study guide.

  3. Nice!! What website did you download/buy the study guide?

  4. A year ago that’s recently to me. Did you happen to order you book thru Amazon or what website?

  5. Normally traffic I would assume on 80. The 49ers play in Santa Clara. 880 or 680 will probably be backed up.

  6. Go to the box office that’s where you can find the cheapest ticket available.

  7. Damn you were eating some major ass. Little bit on the bottom half of your face.

  8. Trust me I wouldn’t be able to tell if it’s authentic or not.

  9. I think this is for the Sacramento college basketball team

  10. No. I remember seeing tickets for $5 starting.

  11. Fucking A! He’s a beauty!!! State of Sonora I’m assuming?

  12. The 37 Vallejo to Novato in Ca runs a smoothly! Lol

  13. I was able to meet him today! I kinda wanna upload a picture! Lol

  14. Nice where abouts are you? I live down in napa county but grew up in colusa county.

  15. Born in raised in Yolo county. I live by Woodland Knights Landing area.

  16. I have spent many many many days and nights catching channel cats in knights landing best cat fishin spot in the state. Little road just before the bridge just passed the cemetary little ways down theres a peninsula fish that point live large minnows and you will slaughter!

  17. Good finishing in KL, hopefully once the River drops dramatically I could go sturgeon fishing.

  18. Fucking A!! He’s a beauty!! 😍 Up in Oregon?

  19. In the background you and hear one of them guys say! “YOU SEE FUCKER” lol

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