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Beto really called someone out tonight in Mineral Wells, Texas. To think someone would laugh when Beto's talking about kids dying and describing the damage an AR-15 can do...

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The FBI Confirms Its Brett Kavanaugh Investigation Was a Total Sham

The process of taking a painful L

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Homophobe harassing Target shoppers

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  1. It looks like it’s just hieroglyph writing. Even completely exposed I couldn’t imagine weathering eliminating the carvings over just 4500 years, particularly in a drier climate.

  2. If you slow the down the video it looks like all the writing is from some sort latin-script alphabet. Most of it looks like Roman or Greek script. Either way, Egyptians didn't use any sort of phonetic alphabet when it was built (it would take a few more thousand years for that to happen), so this likely graffiti.

  3. Trust me when I say, modern PHP is a thousand times better than using NodeJs on the backend in almost every scenario I can think of.

  4. The worst turbulence I’ve ever experienced was horrible. It was a thirty minute flight at night so you couldn’t even see what was happening outside.

  5. Yeah, I had to go back in forth between Chicago and San Francisco all the time (worked at a big tech company, main office was in San Fran). Never a nervous flyer until I got really bad turbulence at night over the mountains. Not quite as bad as the video above, but pretty damn close. Drinks flying everywhere, shit falling from overhead bins, etc. And it kept happening over and over again.

  6. Yeah, I was in the room when it happened. We were flabbergasted to get back to the hotel and see the media coverage because to us who were there it was absolutely nothing!

  7. Howard Stern ran with that Dean yell for fucking years. Literally stopped listening to Stern because for a week after the scream, it's the only thing they talked about.

  8. How is it possible that a man like this didn’t give her any red flags and she ended up not just married but also having a kid with someone this deranged.

  9. Fox News and other right wing media has brainwashed a lot of people in this country. This are some of the most well funded propaganda machines the world has ever seen and it's no surprise they are good at their jobs.

  10. How is that cheaper than you expected? It's 40 minutes to downtown with no traffic, pretty small, and is insanely dated.

  11. Yeah, look at the price history, it was literally half the cost 4 years ago. It's a cool house, but it's not worth 900k considering the amount of work it needs and the location. Housing prices are insanity right now.

  12. Best part is that you lower your kd a bit, get sent to bot lobbies and then have even more fun using troll loadouts on easier lobbies cause it actually works

  13. K/D also isn't everything. Score per minute is an important factor. I.E. completing contracts, buying loadouts, buying teammates back etc. That shit count's for a lot more than having a super high k/d.

  14. Russia has always been about wars of attrition though. Look at basically any war they were a belligerent in. They have just throw bodies into the meatgrinder to just eat up enemy resources.

  15. Because it's cold, wet, has no electricity and no bathrooms. The roof is probably rotting and it's raining in. It's probably listed and you can't knock down walls to run power lines. You can buy a large, decorative problem for very little money.

  16. In my experience, these mansions are seldom little money. The management companies that own these things want to sell these for full price. Like there's a pretty cool old mansion near me built in the mid-1800s but it would need serious rehab to make it liveable. It's bounced between banks and management companies for years. Last year it went up for sale, so I called, they wanted 2 million for it. I asked if that was before or after they rehabbed it, and they were like, "lol, we're not rehabbing it".

  17. When renovating old buildings, you often find strange surprises in the middle of the construction that can suddenly blow up the costs. And if the land is worth more than the building, it's worth just pushing it from investor to investor and waiting for it to collapse.

  18. Yep, at this point, I'm pretty sure they are just waiting for it to collapse so no one can get upset that they tore down a building with historical value. Every management company that has purchased it has made it somehow worse. 10-15 years ago, it was near liveable condition, it was just owned by the bank after the last surviving family member died.

  19. 60's toward dawn, too. Maybe I can cut the AC off after 3am or so and keep it off until noon. Been running 24hrs too damn much lately. Last night it was still 87 at midnight. PSE&G is due any day now and it's gonna be unpleasant.

  20. Same, AC has been running pretty much nonstop for weeks. I think it only shut off once a week ago when it finally dipped into the 70s in the evening.

  21. Should've divorced him when his bullshit enterprise was bringing in 800.000$ a day

  22. Really was. It was also during the height of covid so everyone was playing due to staying at him. I picked up gaming after 10 years of not playing and warzone was my first game. I miss it. Reminded me of the old days of gaming.

  23. Warzone was my first competitive multiplayer game I've picked since Quake 3. Largely because of COVID and it was one of the few games with crossplay, so it meant everyone could play together regardless of the platform they owned. It was so much fun early on, especially when they introduced all the puzzles to open secret bunkers.

  24. The sheer number of deliveroo / Uber eats / just eat riders.

  25. Oh, that's a thing in the US too. Electric scooters everywhere and an absolute explosion in food delivery apps.

  26. I don't think the concept has caught on anywhere.

  27. Eh, New Jersey and NYC seem to be pretty good with the zipper merge. The problem seems to be in "polite" places where merging correctly is seen as "forcing your way in" and rude. Here, no one cares what other drivers think of your driving. Everybody is already pissed off at everyone already, so that last minute zipper merge isn't going to make a lick of difference.

  28. Sometimes it's just one racist with a car fetish and a hatred of black folks.

  29. I can not recommend enough the podcast behind the bastards on this guy. It’s crazy. He did all kind of racist shit, like parks for white children may be decorated with mosaics of nature, he specially built parks for black children decorated with monkeys. He also went out of his way to block any new subway developments in the city. And is responsible for introducing laws that made any new subway development expensive and difficult to do.

  30. Or take off your shoes and socks and walk...

  31. Umm, I don't know if you ever seen a flooded city street before? Sandals are a big maybe for me, but bare feet? Absolutely no fucking way. Glass, garbage, bits of metal, tiny rocks, all kinds of stuff that can cut your feet. Then you have open cuts making contact with that nasty water. I'd rather have wet shoes.

  32. 1000% I would rather ruin new shoes than step on broken glass in bare feet in the middle of filthy street water.

  33. Right? I've seen what city streets do to my bike tires and my feet are not tougher than my bike tires. Mix that in with the bacterial parasite soup you get with a flooded city street and walking barefoot in that is going to be a nope from me dog.

  34. fun fact there’s a lawsuit on ezpass for that $60.00 charge to around what you paid

  35. That's funny, it was annoying as hell that there was no easy alternative way to get back on the tollway from that highway stop. I'm sure there might have been one, but it wasn't marked and by the time you got the signs "EZ Pass Holders Only" there was no way to turn around.

  36. While we’re on it with the PA highway fuckery. Watch yourself in construction zones. They’ve got automated speed traps set up for them where they drop the speed limit from 70 to 55 and will mail you tickets. I had thought that type of thing was ruled unlawful across the country but Not in PA.

  37. I got hit with one of those automated speed cameras in Scotland once. Still owe the UK government something like $140.00, because their garbage online payment system won't except any of my US credit cards for some reason (probably because it won't except a US address as a billing address). At this point, I'm just going to have to wait until I visit the UK again and pay it in person.

  38. I'm sitting in a suburban development that literally used to be a farm. Now it has an HOA that doesn't even want clover growing on the grassy spots because, idk, fuck pollinators I guess. Literally the only thing growing here is the potted peppers and herbs on my deck. Can't wait to get out of here.

  39. The karens at your HOA would have a heart attack over my tiny city backyard which is entirely clovers with some dedicated space for wild flowers.

  40. CPac has a big F fascist headlining the convention talking about military action against the left. The former guy has talked about concentration camps recently... things have gone so far beyond the plan they had in this timeline they have lost control... it’s time to stop worrying about details in a partisan way and vote like Kansas did...

  41. I loved the bit where he says "Jesse, I am breaking bad - I think we better call Saul. Go get in the El Camino".

  42. The best part of the last episode is when Saul said "IT'S GOODBIN' TIME!" and lawyered all those guys.

  43. in australia is always recommended to keep at least 3 boomerangs on your person at any one time.

  44. I have a friend from Australia and he told me it's the only real protection from Dropbears. Dropbears are near invincible from the front, you have to attack them from behind so a boomerang is the perfect weapon against them. They never see it coming.

  45. Twenty years ago, they called us communists. Now they’ve moved on to “child organ harvester” or whatever the fuck Qtards are on about now.

  46. One of my colleagues lives literally a 2 minute walk away from work and still drives to work, vexes me no end

  47. The one time I lived a 10 minute walk from work was amazing. Unfortunately, it only lasted a year, they moved our office 8 miles away from apartment. But man, that 12 months was so stress free not having to worry about driving or parking.

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