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  1. The Rock doesn't really come off as super egotistical to me, but that just could be me idk.

  2. That's the image he's selling, everything he's done behind the scenes implies otherwise

  3. To be fair Wonder Woman is absolutely amazing (this is coming from someone who didn’t want to watch Wonder Woman at all and actively tried avoiding it)

  4. Plus they've laid the seeds by casting Karl Urban as Earth 3 Bruce, they can always bring that casting over onto Earth 1

  5. Bro that Robby Reed cameo in Martian Manhunter 2 had my cinema reeling. Can't wait for the spin-off to happen. Also can't decide whether it's better suited to a DC Universe original or full film

  6. Thank you for that name drop, the 1975 andor and the 1985 Book of Boba Fett are amazing.

  7. I know it's been analyzed to hell and back, but I think it really is interesting the picture that cover paints of Superman.

  8. Dial H for Hero would be good. The New 52 version came close, but was super plot focused and lost track of Nelson Kent's character in a way that the Vertigo titles rarely do. The 2003 series as an anthology also was similar in tone but didn't do what Swamp Thing and Animal Man did.

  9. Possible scenario of no Man of Steel 2 and cameo in the Flash might get scrapped. What exactly is he back in? It's also been reported that he doesn't have a contract with DC which Gunn seemingly confirmed.

  10. Momoa has also been teasing something Lobo related and seems to be in talks with Gunn

  11. Most of the interpersonal dynamics and situations actually kinda start in the earlier issues. But there's not that many of them.

  12. Understood, would you recommend the run so far?

  13. Sounds like the golden age Joker's first couple appearances. I think if you take that too far it loses the theatricality inherent to the character and moves into being some other villain like, idk, the Gambler

  14. The continuity it started/refreshed is ongoing, the name and branding is long over

  15. Should be said that the copyright being public domain doesn't include the trademark by default. I'm not a lawyer, but you can renew trademarks indefinitely, so if the estate was on the ball, while you will be able to use and publish everything about the books in your work, you may be restricted with how you can advertise and name the work

  16. So we would need to change his name to something like Sherlock Watson.

  17. Lol, if Sherlock Holmes is trademarked then you'd be able to use it within the work, just not on the cover, advertising, name, etc. stuff that would misconstrue audiences buying your work. Maybe putting Sherlock Watson on the cover would get around it.

  18. it suffers from inconsistency and pacing issues because of Johns being overworked during that time and DC itself having a lot going on. And It was more of a young justice book than TT tbh. Not that it makes it bad, but I think focusing too much on the 4 core y.j took time and story away from focusing on other characters considering Johns run was too overcrowded so there was already a limited page count to focus on others. Like Starfire being the leader/big sister figure for the core four young justice was a good idea with her doing her best to make them feel welcomed and accepted and even when the league came after them she fights in their place for their choices. even going against the wonder woman. However as the book goes on unfortunately these moments gradually become less and less and disappear and she with it and the whole idea of her being the leader is just thrown out of the window as soon as Tim becomes more prominent and she doesn't get much development from it.

  19. I don't understand I mean Is like Say trinity Is more like a Justice League Book because have the core members like main characters

  20. If the Trinity book had like, Wonder Woman Green Lantern, and Flash, then it would be comparable

  21. Especially since neither of them knew that at the time, and it's not like Bruce is some genetic ubermensch, so him being Bruce's genetic son doesn't mean shit in this instance.

  22. The audience also didn't know it, so if not enough training/getting lucky and finding a suit while being a regular dude is a barrier then Batman Beyond should've never gotten to that retcon to begin with

  23. Rebirth is designed as a jumping on point, so yeah

  24. There's a Tarzan copypasta out there that I'm half remembering

  25. People are actually suggesting that Grodd (facist dickhead) or Humanite (weird incel vibes) could out-twerk Mallah (a queer icon in a lil outfit)…

  26. I'd watch it but please let andi Serkis do batman in this

  27. Alfred Pennyworth: The Origin of Batman's Ape

  28. Red Skull, Winter Soldier, Both Zemos, Crossbones, and Arnim Zola are the ones that spring to mind. I like them, not a super large or in depth rogues gallery, but more iconic than say, Iron Man, Thor, or Dr. Strange. Probably in my top 10 comic rogues galleries

  29. The best posts are the ones that bamboozle

  30. There's a whole lot of receding hairlines in raven's vision

  31. Isn't there a whole Talon thing on Earth 3

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