1. About a decade ago I called Lebanon a third world country and my Lebanese parents got offended. Today my parents got back from a visit to Lebanon and my mom said “yay, civilization!”

  2. We’re all someone’s daughter, we’re all someone’s son… 🎵

  3. Can you do the same with e.g. Bus Stops? As on the high street here, fucknuggets constantly pull up next to the McDonalds or KFC, let someone getout to get the food (if the cunty driver themselves doesn't just abandon the car) and then block the bus lane. I've taken the odd photo in the past, but if the police will actually prosecute based around a photo or video then I'll do it all the time

  4. Update: I reported it, the police called me and sympathised with me, as the offence was fairly clear. However, in order to preclude the possibility that they were moving and therefore only briefly on the pavement, either multiple photos or a video were required.

  5. I don’t know that anyone had mentioned this to me before, but then I’d never considered collecting evidence.

  6. They are a stones throw from Australia where they can work and live freely, wages are higher there.

  7. For an Evri driver, that's definitely their job. I'm fairly certain it's company policy for them to put in no effort, deliver no packages, and generally act like parcel delivery is a huge inconvenience to them.

  8. I do a (very) few sales online, I’ve used Evri (Hermes) probably 30-40 times and I’ve never had a single problem. Strange.

  9. In this thread you are the only person who had a good interaction with that company.

  10. I’m not sure, but maybe we have a greater tendency to post negative as opposed to positive interactions? Or I’ve been staggeringly lucky.

  11. How do people turn off such a basic survival skill as looking sideways for traffic of some sort?

  12. Learn to tolerate discomfort. Makes life a lot easier.

  13. Since no one else is saying it explicitly, OP is referring to the ice hockey team the Calgary Flames, whose logo has a burning "C".

  14. Thank you for clarifying an utterly mystifying post.

  15. There is more than one standard for these fittings, so it's entirely possible you have the wrong type.

  16. I bought them as a set, assuming they would be compatible. I’ve concluded they’re poorly designed or poorly manufactured.

  17. I only had one tool that needed air, bought them in anticipation last year. Only needed them for a second air tool yesterday. Outside Amazon’s return window.

  18. With your background, you might be interested in PrintNC, an incredibly capable self build machine a compatriot of yours designed.

  19. Responses will be anecdotal. Also, will those for whom it was a success be as likely to reply as those where it failed? Look for primary medical literature.

  20. Talk to HR. Say you want out ASAP and are considering just going. They will probably negotiate an early end if it prevents you simply walking out.

  21. I did this relatively recently. After 2 weeks of my 12 weeks notice period, I said ‘This is a waste of your time and my money’ and they let me hit two weeks later. Worth asking.

  22. Fraxinus sp. - There’s 3 or 4 native to your region, and they’re all very similar. This looks likes F. Americana.

  23. It’s a similarly sad tale in the UK; the majority of our Ash now has Ash Dieback.

  24. In my crazier moments, I wonder if change couldn’t come about by asking a question: what is the purpose of education?

  25. I have a 2010 V50 with the 1.6 D2 Diesel engine. Timing belt has snapped while doing around 70mph on the motorway. Has anyone else experienced this and how much did it cost to repair? The car was purchased with 100,000 miles on clock.

  26. It, or the operator, appear comically shit at slicing potatoes.

  27. So as a foreigner, this is barely credible. Does Biden or anyone in the government see this shit? Are politicians not fucking horrified?

  28. For around 18 grand, I have seem a bunch of hardinge, east lion and Microcut with either simens or fanuc control, all in 40 taper. If the tormach suits your needs, go fir it, but if you need someting faster, with more power and rigidity, I would wait I focus my researchs on thoses.

  29. I have no expertise in the area, but this seems like good advice. Decide what capabilities you need and get the best machine you can with your budget. Price alone doesn’t make something a bargain.

  30. Definitely Black Locust. Introduced several hundred years ago, although I don’t know if that affects the definition of ‘invasive’.

  31. My £65k when new 640d (I paid less than a quarter of that) is the SE spec. Pretty rare not to go for the M Sport trim, but I didn’t mind, it just has ugly wheels and softer suspension. The seats have no lumbar support. At all. None. I had to buy a kind of inflatable ballon to make it even moderately possible to drive a decent distance.

  32. Basic BMW front seats are woeful, their sports seats are the bare minimum for me, and the multi adjustable comfort seats are well worth seeking out

  33. The adjustment is great, all electric in any direction, including the headrest. Just no lumbar support. Bizarre.

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