1. Gotta be careful asking too much of the crayon eaters, apparently wiping down a bolt takes them half an hour

  2. Dude, look at any passenger rail in the country.

  3. That’s if passenger rail gets built in the first place. The railroad industry acts like it’s still the 1800s in this country with the amount of corruption that goes into building any kind of rail. That’s without even accounting for the NIMBYism that killed the CAHSR.

  4. It’s fucking super common. I don’t get it. I can understand anarchists being critical of domestic policy but to actually take the side of an authoritarian regime? That’s cutting off your nose to spite your face. It’s not anarchism either, it’s dictator simping.

  5. For a second I thought they was “Delirium Triremes” and I imagined hundreds of college dudes in there underwear sitting in a hallway making rowing motions.

  6. I say this as an atheist; that patch is cringe as fuck dog.

  7. I mean maybe I'm just Christian but I have a feeling this guy unironically wears those graphic tees with skeletons and guns while quoting something from Facebook

  8. I got 3/1 odds that this man unironically owns a fedora.

  9. It's literally a remake of a weapon from 2077

  10. I might be getting her age wrong, but if you’re getting fucked and outclassed babushkas then you literally should just surrender. Poland is known for having plenty of Babushka’s and they haven’t forgotten how Poland was treated during WW2 and beyond.

  11. I'm trying to put together a team of the ultimate anti-Russian grandmas.

  12. This looks like those videos where that dude used AI to make a "What would WH40k look like if it was an 80s SciFi movie"

  13. I was gonna say that NCD isn't stupid enough to buy a GMC, but then I thought about it and I realized that we are exactly the types of troglodytes that wouldn't just buy a GMC, but would buy Chevy's unironically Boy I do love disassembling the entire front end assembly plus the driver's side wheel to change out the battery in a climate infamous for destroying batteries.

  14. "Do you hear banjos?" - last words of Chinese UN 'peacekeeper'

  15. Lol, Chinese peacekeepers wouldn’t take a single step outside their fortified airfields in the US, if their performance in Africa is anything to go by.

  16. They mean Americans. They say “Usian” because they think “American” should refer to anyone from the Americas. Not just the US, but North and South America (which they also incorrectly believe is one continent because of the Panama isthmus).

  17. Now, it might make sense for Spanish speakers still learning English because the proper word for Americans in Spanish(for many countries) is “Estadounidense”, which is literally “United Statesian”.

  18. well i don't think it would have been a good time in the tank

  19. I have met tankers who have been hit multiple times with RPGs and they never noticed.

  20. “I have one round left in this chamber and I’m going to make you see god with it you little shit”

  21. “Thine bravery dost thou father credit, for he hast raised a courageous man. In respect to such a warrior, I shall deliver unto you our fullest attention.

  22. Take Constantinople from the Turks and give it to whichever country wins a yugioh tournament.

  23. Gonna need the sauce for those chicks. For a friend ofc

  24. https://amp.knowyourmeme.com/memes/people/us-army-e-girl-lunchbaglujan

  25. We aren't supposed to talk about that in public. You have been reported. Expect a samurai by dawn.

  26. Yeah where does he think he is, a Warthunder forum?

  27. Agreed. All the soldiers need to look alike in uniform and appearance. There’s a reason that of the men in the US army, the only ones that aren’t clean shaven are the special forces.

  28. I for one am excited to see shenanigans the mechanics pull to keep them running.

  29. Yur gottdamn righ my penis is an SBR with a hair trigger. (⌐■_■)

  30. You know, I'm beginning to think that the Russians are not ACTUALLY tactical geniuses.

  31. And they unironically hate tomboys because they prove that about 90% of trans trenders are only in it for the aesthetic.

  32. Just saying. I hope the price comes down to like a thousand eventually. 2k is rather expensive for my taste.

  33. I mean the ones who are going to buy this are reenactors and other LARPers for whom the other option is a mortgage.

  34. We cling to the "you get what you pay for" narrative so vehemently that we brainwash ourselves into thinking there's a virtue in throwing money away. Because if you're blowing thousands upon thousands of dollars on gear, it MUST be better. That attitude blinds you to the possibility that good bargains are just as possible as ripoffs. There's a kernel of truth in "you get what you pay for" but there are exceptions to any rule, it's worth exploring the concept of a good deal.

  35. What we really need is a counternarrative of "Diminishing returns". Could I get better performance for more money? Yes. But is a 5% weight reduction worth the 15% more in costs? Is a .2 MOA reduction in group size worth the extra $200 when you're shooting a 1.3 inch group at 100 yards?

  36. personally I'm excited for the Dagger Slim and the PDW chassis for the SWCH.

  37. It’s gonna be the most eclectic armored division since the North Africa campaign.

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