It’s my 36th birthday today! 🎉 (36F)

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Let's sip to good health and good company

[Happy crab noises]

My valentine makes my heart beat out of my chest.

Did someone say... cake?

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  1. Me too, I love dying into the pool. It’s refreshing :D

  2. Don't scrunch your face so much, you could get wrinkles. Not a derm but your skin looks dry and irritated, do you have a skincare routine?

  3. 🥴 all I do is use curology, which is made by dermatologists that I have a prescription for, I get them sent to me monthly

  4. Ppl who claim hackers an then skip the proof, makes me believe they are lying just to get skilled peopled banned. 🥱🙄

  5. If you could not skip the killcam because of embarrassment, we could just see if it hacks or not. 🤓

  6. Ranked didn't even come out before they patched the glitch you're referring to.

  7. Yeah you're totally right the blatant aim lock and tracking through a truck perfectly seems totally legit /s

  8. 😃 photogenic memory is a real thing :). So is memorizing spawns since it’s Al small map.

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