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  1. The first image looks like the malfunctioning medical equipment in Half-Life/Black Mesa

  2. No I mean what… is it? What’s the actual premise of the story? Where is it published?

  3. Author is C-Mnesia on DA. It's been a while since I read the beginning, but basically, a meteor with 'liquid starlight' crashes into a small American town and this deity starts changing a bunch of kids, then everyone else into Pokemon. Stuff gets anime-level complicated. It's revealed there's a years-long conspiracy and the meteor's crash may not have been a coincidence, these swords get introduced that can seperate a person into seperate individuals like in KH.

  4. Oh wow that’s quite something. Is it a good story just as a story or is it kind of dumb once you pull back all of the anime level complexity?

  5. Even with the convolution removed, from what I remember it's good, yeah. There's wholesomeness, but other parts are downright tragic.

  6. You mean a corporation is using an intellectual property they own to generate revenue? How could they? /s

  7. Story behind is that I was flying my party and a couple other guys to Admin Center. I, being a bit unused to a ship this big, was a bit unprepared for the multiple enemy cutties and Hammerhead still there. The A2 got hit so bad in the engines that it quickly became near impossible to even keep the nose up and she kept turning right. Realizing how impossible it would be for me to land her anywhere on the platform, I managed to get her back to Hartmoore with the last of my boost and land, creating the work of art you see before you.

  8. From what I can tell, you just gotta git gud. I've been playing on and off for a while too and I'm also still pretty shit at leading air vehicles.

  9. "Everybody can learn from their mistakes. Except if they're foreigners." - Kiryu Kazuma, probably.

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