1. it’s possible but i doubt it. if we look at OctoExpansion, it was announced at E3 following the Splatoon 2 World Championship iirc. which was a year after splatoon 2’s release. maybe it’s announced now but i doubt it.

  2. Octo Expansion was announced in the March 2018 Nintendo direct.

  3. Guys this game hasn’t even been out for a year I don’t think dlc will be a thing yet

  4. They already announced paid dlc via a teaser in the Splatoon 3 direct prior to launch.

  5. More stickers + the ability to get stickers of the various badges you’ve unlocked.

  6. Can anyone recommend a good alternative 3DS charger from Amazon? Was looking at this one specifically and was curious on peoples thoughts.

  7. i missed all of wave 2 cause i never got the news for some reason, are they ever gonna cycle back in?

  8. Nintendo usually updates the selection every month so they’ll eventually rotate back. Last year in December Nintendo did rerun waves from every series that got icons though.

  9. The red Nintendo Switch Online button on the Switch home menu. They’ll be under “Missions & Rewards”.

  10. When's the last year me Nintendo did it? I can't think of any.

  11. Kinda similar but the XC2 Torna dlc was released for expansion pass owners with the physical release like two weeks later.

  12. My bullshit guess: They haven’t marketed it because they’re not convinced it will be done in May. I might be wrong but it’s only been delayed once. If it releases on May 12 I feel like only one delay would be a record for a 3D Zelda, no? Maybe they actually meant to say December 5th after all, haha!

  13. The game was apparently rated already in multiple territories so I’d imagine it’s almost done.

  14. I’d imagine it’ll now be 2 Splatfests/1 Big Run every season. March will probably have a Big Run on a different map.

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