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  1. Clayface is too fantastic for the tone set by The Batman. They could try an extreme adaptation of the character but I'm not sure it could work. Scarecrow on the other hand is a perfect villain for this version of Batman and Gotham, I hope he is the villain of the next film.

  2. I dunno, I feel like Reeves' Batman would be great for tackling Gothic horror characters with powers, so long as they keep it based in science. Clayface is a gateway into some terrifying body horror.

  3. Glass stairs sound silly to me, but slabs would make kickass skylights.

  4. Stairs would be great diagonal skylights, lining up with roofs.

  5. It’s an ornament so there’s no proof if it’s black or not yet.

  6. Instead of being a bad 1.5 hour movie, it was a not very good 4 hour movie.

  7. I like the text logo but not the image of the talking heads - why commas? They look like airpods too

  8. I think they're supposed to be quotation marks, but they also look like people talking!

  9. What is the first section of diologue from? It sounds like Dick.

  10. One of my favorite Superman movie moments is the beginning of Superman II at Niagra Falls, when the kid falls off and Superman catches him.

  11. Personally I would like to imagine that a trans spider-person would just have a regular old spider-suit because they're just like everyone else. But I still like this concept

  12. He's not trans, he's a Trans-Spider-Man, he has the proportionate strength and speed of a transgender spider.

  13. It might actually be your apartment outlet then if you replaced the bulbs and the lamp and the issue is continuing. Try a different outlet and see how that works maybe?

  14. Good idea, but it looks like it's still happening. Although it does seem like it might be related to my apartment, I'm not sure what/how that would happen.

  15. If it is dodgy wiring, getting rid of the MVB could help. MVBs need to cool down after they've been turned off, so when they turn off they cannot turn back on for a while. If your wiring is causing power to be briefly lost (even for a fraction of a second) the MVB will stay off until it has cooled down enough.

  16. I didn't know that, good call! Definitely explains some of the issues I've been having. Still not sure about the "half-brightness" thing, but this definitely helps.

  17. You can also make it in illustrator by creating a circle shape, going to effect > distort & transform > zigzag and mess with the settings until you get what you’re looking for

  18. Couldn't you create a multi-pointed star and round the corners?

  19. And writer of one of the best and most controversial run on Spider-Man.

  20. Yeah, when written by Mark Millar and Jeoh Loeb. Especially that hack Loeb (who was the one who wrote most of what you specified).

  21. How are you calling Jeph Loeb a hack? He wrote Spider-Man: Blue, Daredevil: Yellow, Hulk: Gray, Batman: Hush, The Long Halloween, and Superman For All Seasons, literally all definitive comics for each respective character.

  22. I second the hack motion because Hush and Long Halloween are both pretty bad and massively overrated. They both coast on their art, which is fantastic, but that doesn’t make them good stories.

  23. I personally agree with you on Hush (to a point), but Long Halloween is certainly rather well thought out, and you can't tell me Superman FAS, Spider-Man: Blue, etc. aren't phenomenal.

  24. Maybe utilize easing and follow through, it'll make it feel more natural.

  25. There's a great comic where a little kid imagines that Spider-Man is black, like him (Think it predates Miles Morales). Really heartwarming

  26. It definitely does, it's Paul Jenkin's Peter Parker: Spider-Man #35.

  27. Dude you cannot argue that TAS KK looks like some meth addict with acne back. He’s laughable 😂

  28. He kind of was, he's just some dude with a skin condition.

  29. Was over $800 they told me the price dropped to $450 I had to buy it

  30. I got the same smoker for $300 because the temp adjustment know was missing (looks like yours is, too). Is this a known issue with this model?

  31. And created the mecha Animé Spider-Girl from Into The Spiderverse!

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