1. Personally i would like to get a sequel after Return Ending

  2. Imo playing as kuro after purification would be cool, and then you could use the dragon to do weird shit

  3. No in my playthrough everybody died. Except Alex and Julia. They left the ship and Julia died on the boat then the game ended

  4. So you fucking sucked? You fucked up and then blamed the game? Lmao

  5. MoM main thing is branching paths, and just being a complete mind fuck. Is this real? Is it not? And personally I found the ending really good

  6. What? There was a zombie shark deal and a megalodon deal and you chose Meg?

  7. Roman is just Greek mythos but with different names and generally harsher gods. I would love either Aztec or Egyptian

  8. Demon of hatred. I don’t know how many times I lost to the motherfucking rip off cleric beast

  9. It's the one that made Kratos go, "Oh, you're afraid of it? We're killing it."

  10. I think having a gun piinted at you must be one of the most terrifying experiences ever. I'd slap the shit out of someone who was encouraging the gunman to pull the trigger. Before anyone says, yes, I know they thought she might be infected, but there was no basis for that belief, and there are other steps to take before killing the person

  11. “It only spreads if you eat flesh” Oh NoE AShLey WaS bItTen! No ReAd ThE boOk ABOuT WeNDigOEs

  12. Plot twist shura sekiro gets murdered by a mega headless with genichoros attacks

  13. His most dangerous move is the start of his 7 hit combo, it’s so fast and it deals a ton of damage. Any spear attack has armour so when you see him move the spear prepare to block, and his thrust attack has incredible range so watch out

  14. When you say armour, you mean he can not be interrupted? This is what I noticed I think.

  15. Ya, any attack in particular that you find hard? Oh and when he runs in a big circle you can get ahead before he can attack again

  16. 4 bosses were meant to be more cinematic and test the water with the combat system aswell as attract newer players, but now I believe they will be able to make much more intricate bosses

  17. I just think int terms of skills it would be the same considering the leviathan axe was made to be like mjnoir, but I think they’ll have it replace fists and work like a stun gun or some other thing

  18. Sorry that was me. When I peed a little log came out too

  19. The items could just stay the same, then you get a concussion and forget how to use skills. Or Freya goes Hippity hoppity u don’t know shit

  20. I thought Atreus said it was god or something once you get past it. It’s either choices, or it’s meant to support the world tree I’m pretty sure

  21. Ah yes. Zeus the celibate god who was born to a virgin, who would never steal another man's wife, never disguise himself into a swan and rape a woman, never cheat on his wife, and all the shebang.

  22. good theory but i think theres more to it. blitzos facial mark, fizz missing his limbs. the limb part is blitzos fault i guess. but it could be far more simple exactly like you say. he left and everything turned into shit for the crew.

  23. It’s a time loop. It would be stupid if it changes what happens if your in a time loop.

  24. Even within the timeloop there aren't any significant changes. In Dishonored killing a lot of people would result in more security in later levels but here even if they know you've murdered several of the people needed to stop the loop falling apart the Visionaries don't do anything differently. The Golden Loop version of the final level is the exact same as the normal one except with

  25. I do agree that the visionary’s should hide more instead of just doing random shit

  26. Why does clef have shotgun shells that can be opened and then closed?

  27. Gael is the more powerful warrior, let’s put it like that

  28. When people say they want the God of war 4 camera angle, they are talking about a remake. You know, as in remaking the entire game. A remaster is just the game with better graphics

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