[Postgame Thread] Utah Defeats USC 47-24

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  1. Emma rubs me the wrong way, she comes off as attention whore and the whole wanting to be everyone's friend and selfinsert in everyone's life and business isnt cute. People like that u cant trust because u never know where their loyalty lay.

  2. Zach Wilson ain’t it. Mike White ain’t it either. Same for Flacco and Streveler.

  3. I am not sure there exists a QB that can start for the Jets and look good enough for the fans

  4. The biggest indictment on Wilson is that since he's been drafted, 5 Jets QBs have seen the field (Wilson, Flacco, White, Johnson and Streveler), and everytime the offense looks at it's absolute worst is when he is under center.

  5. Zach has lost the support of his team, he was bad…. The team also wasn’t fighting for him. He needs to go if his teammates don’t want him. This was a message by the line, receivers and backs. Their energy and effort picked up when Zach was benched. He needs to go.

  6. Zach looked bad, the team looked just as bad. They played as if they don’t want Zach as the quarterback, I think he has lost the support of all his teammates. He needs to go if that has happened.

  7. Compare records sounds like it’s just looking at the number of wins and is asinine without looking at context though. If a qb eked out a close 5-0 record against Houston, Denver, colts, bears, cardinals are you really going to claim they’re clearly better than a qb that goes 3-2 against Bills, KC, Dallas, Vikings, and Eagles?

  8. Who said anything about those teams? Zach was 5:2 against a lot of the same teams White will now play, if White is so much better he certainly will have a better record. I do get your point, Zach never got to play anybody as bad as the Bears.

  9. They only have 1 actual overlapping team, the bills. Miami doesn’t count because they were actual garbage without Tua, unless Tua is gone again for the 2nd matchup. Zach also had a star RB for most of his games carrying him.

  10. No, just that ultimately it comes down to winning games, a Jets WB with a 5:2 record was benched for a WB who is now 1:2 without much likelihood of winning. They were in playoff position with Zach and will move out of the playoffs with White’s losing record. We will never know if Zach could have won more, we do know that White is losing more. I hope I am wrong and White wins out, you keep changing the subject because you know White is losing games. This is the bottom line, he loses games.

  11. https://twitter.com/Utah_Football/status/1598538328109744128?t=6qt6pcBwZ_N7E-VwaM5aQw&s=01

  12. https://twitter.com/Utah_Football/status/1598538328109744128?t=6qt6pcBwZ_N7E-VwaM5aQw&s=01

  13. https://twitter.com/Utah_Football/status/1598538328109744128?t=6qt6pcBwZ_N7E-VwaM5aQw&s=01

  14. Why would he want to come to the jets with the way their QBs have been treated in the past decade? Most difficult press, fans that turn on you ? I hope I am wrong. Maybe we give white more than a game after throwing away Zach? What more does white need to do to not have everyone talking about throwing him away? 500 yards? Win Five of seven? Beat the Bills? Beat the Dolphins?

  15. Yes, so sad it isn’t on, we have commented several times over the weekend that we already miss the show.

  16. Are you watching the game? They are playing the bears at home in case you didn’t notice.

  17. This was the best QB performance anyones had against the Bears this year in bad rain. You’re a clown. He was good idk why you can’t admit it.

  18. Wow name calling, I never said White isn’t playing well, you don’t seem to comprehend that the Pats and Bears are different teams. Time will tell. I would love for White to turn into a franchise savior that wins the Super Bowl. I don’t think the Jets media and fan base would allow it. I hope I am wrong. The jets eat their own.

  19. What did you see from ZW today that you don't think 30 other QBs in the league could do?

  20. Sounds like Sanchez' second year. Look how that turned out

  21. What does Sanchez have to do with anything? Stop living in the past, it is ok to be excited for the upcoming years. Hope is good.

  22. Without Breece, he needs to start winning the games with his arm.

  23. No Breece, biggest win in years. Many great teams based on defense and a good running game

  24. I like this season more. The top dancers this season are all better than the best last season. However, Iman and Dani’s Halloween dance last year felt iconic and I haven’t seen that this year.

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