My first fromsoftware experience is going... actually how I was told it would.

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  1. if you're on steam you can verify the files. I had a lot of issues with corrupted files, i had to reinstall it a few times

  2. my favorite tactic is just knowing im not going to win. So i dont even attack, or worry about attacking. I just parry the attacks, jump or dodge if needed. it simplifies that battles cause you're worrying about just one less thing. after a few minutes I'll start swinging on the combos im comfy with. and then doing damage every time there is a chance.

  3. when i die. its cause of the camera unlocking on this asshole i hate it so much

  4. For some reason it only took me an hour to beat him. The timing just seemed easy to predict

  5. I’m stuck on him rn do u have any tips for me? :)

  6. Now time to finish mortal journey. Took me longer than I hope cause of dumb deaths and forgetting to rest in between bosses lol

  7. If you understand how isshin works inner isshin is pretty easy. Inner owl was harder in my opinion

  8. I’ve been able to break a lot of AI with gachin and the phantom kunai. I think it just randomly happens lol

  9. My first time through I don’t attack back. I just focus on perfect parries. After I can stay alive for a few minutes I work on my points to punish.

  10. 9200 hours on steam alone :( youve inspired me to make my own now.. Thank you!

  11. My second run through I was perfect no hit party on Margit. And decided it was best to try and party the magic sword one reposte left :(

  12. That’s how I did it too. Didn’t know there was another way until later on with a new build lol

  13. And its fucking hard to get it. Had to practice parrying coz the boss is crazy.

  14. I Didn’t have too much trouble with him. But I was destined to parry the two hand attack he does. I failed every time lol

  15. I have a friend that farmed a fucking rolling ball for a few hours to get to 500k souls. +1950 every fast travel back lol

  16. Its time based. If you double jump and stay in the air longer that might kill you vs just taking the hit.

  17. I don’t think it is. The engine typically was height based. Where you leave the the ground vs where you land. So rolling or jumping off a cliff gives you same damage. So many speedrun tricks are governed by this I doubt they would change it

  18. Same. Or you find out something but it’s not important to current build. Then you get bored and change the build and can’t remember where it is

  19. I haven’t been able to after an couple hours of trying. My Jesus the parry god run dies with him :(

  20. I'm sick of Facebook banning me. Im breaking away from it and living my life again. I'll just discontinue my accounts. This socialist bullshit stops today for me.

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