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man shielded many women and took all pallets shotgun on himself during anti hizab protest in Tehran

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  1. Didn't know animals get sex ed at school as well!

  2. I'd definitely be a cat. This is so apparent, that multiple of my friends and colleagues brought it up over time without hearing of it first.

  3. HMmMm yes 433 different people picked the exact same one in 14 million number.

  4. That's just funny branding, I like it. "X balls" can just be any round candy, as balls are.. circular. This shape doesn't hold any meaning

  5. אני לא איזה דקדקן או משהו כזה בדר"כ, אבל אני באמת לא מבין איך זאת טעות כזאת פופולרית.

  6. Just tell him the situation, and that if he feels uncomfortable in that situation you would prefer not to put him in that position.

  7. How else do you put your spaghetti in your pocket for the night out?? Smh my head kids these days

  8. Firefox is better anyway... no idea why people aren't just suggesting that.

  9. Have been of Firefox since ever, just by chance I guess. No complaints whatsoever! This shit rocks

  10. בסדר סבתא, בואי ניקח אותך למיטה

  11. When are we going to drop all this mythological bs associated with animals? Shape shifting? That’s a flat out lie. Yeah it’s great having an imagination and being creative but just stop with the bullshit.

  12. You gonna gatekeep people from enjoying Marvel next?

  13. I feel like my husband is more comfortable with frank conversations about money, goals, kids, and sex. He's accepted me and my shortcomings and vice versa so even if I'm being a hound checking out the bartender or the shirtless guy running down the street he won't crucify me for checking out other guys.

  14. Would that suggest that there are no perks in a LTR if I am overly independent (and hate putting myself in the hands of others)? I truly dislike it when others go out of their way for me, makes me feel caged (perhaps past trauma or whatever).

  15. A 22 year old young woman was murdered in Tehran, Iran by the morality police, when she was beaten up after she was arrested. She was arrested because some strings of her hair were out of the scarf or hijab. She was transferred to hospital while she did not have any vital signs.

  16. Apparently I was sure "subtract" is "substruct" up until yesterday. WTF english?

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