If you care about your country and your rights, don't vote for any Republicans in 2022

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  1. The entire interior of the Gladiator is garbage compared to your Ram. Jeeps are way over priced for not much capability. Ram all day!

  2. I was gonna say, I don’t think I’ll ever have the opportunity to haul a plane! Killing it man 👍🏻

  3. College tuition in general is predatory. Thinking 17 year old kids can truly understand the financial ramifications of going to college, which most are told to do, is kind of ridiculous

  4. I agree with you! Definitely starting our young generation off in the financial pit is not a good thing

  5. But then why is the argument always, “go into the trades. It’s free! (It’s really not)?” I’ve been in the trades and I’ve done the bachelors thing. Many people shouldn’t be in the trades and many folks shouldn’t do the college thing. Regardless, folks should have the choice. Why should one be “affordable” and one be subject to loads of debt when it wasn’t once that way?

  6. Like I have said numerous times, it may not be the case for some but majority of options in the trades pay for your college to learn that skill. I also don’t believe giving a 18yr old a huge college loan with a large interest rate that they have to pay on for the next 20 years possibly is a good idea starting them in life with huge debt. But at the same time it is 100% that individuals decision to sign that paperwork and agree to that debt. Honestly if your unable to afford something you would like to purchase ( car, home, student loans etc.) then you shouldn’t purchase it period. Like I said. My opinion

  7. Go with crew, not only do you get more room for passengers but your under seat storage is amazing with the crew! And you may get lucky enough to find the in-floor storage containers on each side in the back that quads don’t come with

  8. I find it really interesting how many americans seemingly have 0 clue on how the economy actually works and what influences their daily lives and cost.

  9. I don't know where you think the only setback is the gear ratio. Because it's not.

  10. It literally is the only set back, the truck is properly equipped like any other max tow package ram tradesmen, besides the gear ratio.. I could literally find the same exact set up as mine with the higher gear ratio that is rated for higher. If I’m missing something I’m all ears. I’m always willing to learn

  11. I think you're changing your story. You said in the original post that the tow capacity was 8900 or 8600. There is a reason. There's a reason you shouldn't be trying 9500. It doesn't look like you're listening to any naysayers, you're just looking for cheerleaders.

  12. Y pipe muffler delete off Amazon, I’m not a mechanic and I did the job in my garage

  13. Do you have a keyless fob? My wife’s vehicle is a keyless and push to start and when we leave the keys in the car and shut it off upon exiting the vehicle it honks because the vehicle recognizes the keys are still in the vehicle

  14. I do, but it happens as soon as I open the door, not as I walk away

  15. I think you can set the notifications to your preferences, mine just tells me how many I have on bottom of Lock Screen

  16. I literally got beaten so bad today with the Dark Map on rebirth lol I couldn’t see a thing haha, I’m mid 30s play on small TV and have a K/D of probably .4 but still enjoy the game as I randomly jump on and play a few here and there 😆

  17. None of the guys I've dated had a vagina.

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