1. I can't speak to the primitive reflexes as I don't know if they are connected, but for Babinski and hyperreflexia can be positive with multiple concussions. I don't have the evidence to quote in front of me, but I remember learning in school that concussions can cause false positives.

  2. This is also a category I fit into along with having ADHD. Thank you for the info I will look more into this.

  3. Interesting. I also have some odd neuro signs including both hypo- and hyper reflexes (UE and LE, respectively) and clonus. Not sure about primitive reflexes. I have had a full neuro workup with imaging and nothing remarkable was found… but I do have ADHD.

  4. I also have ADHD that might explain some of my clinical signs. Thank you for this I will do more research

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