1. You are beautiful; embrace what makes you unique, I love your look ❤️

  2. I am interested in specialising in OBGYN and one important aspect of the female body is female sexual health. When people grow up cultural, religious, peer pressure and many things affects one's outlook on life. Including ones sexual health that might be either praised or said to be taboo and not spoken about enough. My aim is thus to normalise this topic and create an easier environment where this can be explored and talked about. How can we expect women to know what makes them feel good sexually if they haven't explored their own body, learned what makes them orgasm. There are very few articles in the scientific community that emphasised the importance of female sexual health.

  3. You are going to make a GREAT OBGYN!!!

  4. I’ve been doing HRT since 34. Completely life changing.

  5. Divergent Mind, good one on females and comorbidity.

  6. Mental hangover is such a GOOD description tho

  7. Yes I call it emotional hangover, and that’s the only way that seems to be able to describe it.

  8. As an older female, she could be estrogen dominant which would then make it harder to loose fat on keto. I did very well with keto and then plateaued. When I started taking DIM which reduced the estrogen dominance my body no longer wanted to hold on to the fat for storage. Keto affects hormones in women a lot so I’d recommend she also be checking her hormone levels regularly while on keto.

  9. I’m a graphic designer and am worried about burnout. I already have been having mini-meltdowns after work where I cry for a bit to let it all out then go for a walk. I’m hoping this is just a busy season and it will pass

  10. I feel this. I’m so sorry. I have been in burnout before as a designer. The deliverables can be so difficult sometimes when you are at the level of burnout.

  11. Yo these fucking rip, I also love the melon one, although mango and coconut are also amazing

  12. Wait there’s coconut? Where can I get those? I’ve only tried mango, melon and strawberry!

  13. If you are creative, my question to you is have you explored Web3, blockchain and NFTs? I’ve been in Web3 for about 5 months now and it might be something you really enjoy with the creative side. And it’s a very fast moving place, lots of rabbit holes to go down and explore based off interests and I have met so many creators that are ASD and ADHD in the Web3 ecosystem. Everyone is learning so you can just dive in and learn and see if there’s something that interests you. I’ve found that many people will take up contract work that is temporary for a bounty payment in crypto and then you can transfer that into cash. If you don’t like to be tied down to one kind of job this could provide a lot of value as it allows you to do work for bounties basted off what interests you but there’s not a long term commitment.

  14. We use gel nail polish and cure it under the UV curing lights, and we don’t ever send the transmitter back in. They just send the replacement. If it doesn’t work it doesn’t work.

  15. I was recently diagnosed when we realized that I became suicidal every month like clockwork. I had an IUD in at the time and once the diagnosis was made, it had to be removed, as any hormonal birth control method will worsen PMDD. Unfortunately I have SUPER heavy periods so I then had to have a uterine ablation.

  16. How are you doing post ablation. This greatly affects me but I’ve been afraid of ablation or hysterectomy as I fear menopause more. Would love to hear more about your experience

  17. Ablation doesn’t affect hormones, so it won’t trigger menopause. I haven’t had a period yet, the ablation was about 3 weeks ago, so I’m not sure yet if it was successful. The pain was very minimal, I had some pink/orange discharge for just over 2 weeks and that was about it.

  18. Thank you for sharing. What does the ablation do then? Does it stop pmdd and PMS?

  19. I record every zoom meeting on my voice memo on my phone as I zone out too. Then I can review them when I’ve had time or transcribe them through Otter to read them, and then I delete the voice memo when I have processed it.

  20. I was definitely one for a long time. I think ASD kids are especially vulnerable to manipulation and being scared into doing what they're told with religious crap. But I'm also someone who got the courage to go my own way because of my ASD. I wouldn't identify as pagan per se these days, but I definitely lean toward a witchy aesthetic and belief system. It's a great way of making meaning out of our experiences.

  21. Spiritual abuse and domestic violence are a toxic mess for people with ASD. It took me a long time to break free.

  22. I can’t find any open practitioners for EMDR. Are there any resources? Waitlists are 8-10 months

  23. I’m left handed. The ink cannot smear, smudge and has to dry fast in order for my hand and my paper to not be a mess. Le Pen is my favorite. Oh and it can’t bleed through to the back.

  24. I’m struggling with this at the moment with my partner. I don’t know how I need support and when people ask how they can help me I don’t know how to give them answers. It actually give me more anxiety when these questions are asked me in meltdown as I feel more inadequate and helpless. Like if I knew I wouldn’t be in this place.

  25. u should try telling your friends if it is stressful for you to try and de-stimulate all external factors like loud noises (turn the music down) make the room dark things that

  26. ❤️ thank you for sharing. Yes I’m trying to sort it all out!

  27. I haven’t been on much lately but would love to attend the next one

  28. Hi! I've added you to the distribution list for the next meeting. March 15 at 9PM Eastern. I'll send out the meeting info next week. Hope you can make it!

  29. OMG SAME! I was 17. It eventually evolved to Hashi-toxicosis for me by 27, I had to have it removed completely. Then came Celiac. Each incredibly stressful times.

  30. Apologizing way too much and people calling it out and then apologizing for apologizing

  31. Mind was 4 sessions 1.5-2 hours each session. She was through.

  32. Yes. These are also sometimes called “shutdowns” because they take the place of a meltdown. Wearing noise-cancelling headphones and sunglasses can help reduce sensory input and therefore limit how much you need to put out. You might also want to consider a stronger mask or a filter insert if smells can cause issues. Stimming can help with sensory input that are unavoidable (touch, very loud noises, pain). If you are diagnosed and your school has record of your autism diagnosis, ask for headphone/sunglasses accommodations and to be able to use a stim tool in class. If you aren’t registered, most teachers will allow a stress ball because they aren’t noisy or “toy-like” as long as you aren’t throwing it around. You also might be able to get Loop or similar noise reducers. They’re in-ear, so they’re less noticeable. They also don’t play music. However, a strict teacher may still mistake them for earbuds and try to take them if they happen to catch a glance at them. If you choose to wear them without a specific accommodation through your school, I recommend showing them to your teacher before you wear them in class, so they can see that they don’t have wires and can’t play music.

  33. OMG. I have worn polarized sunglasses my whole life, everywhere that is bright, even grocery stores. I only wear my normal glasses inside my house or other warm lighting places. I cannot live without them, fluorescent lights and sunlight make my eyes super sensitive, is this an autism thing?

  34. It’s related to autism and sometimes light eyes. Double whammy if you have both.

  35. Light eyes? Like the tint of the color of your eyes? Mine are hazel. So I don’t really know if that would be considered light.

  36. Kids in elementary school are evil because of lack of good parenting and cultural context. I understand completely. Shitlings

  37. Shitlings. This is a new word for me and I LOVE IT. I am adopting this into my vocabulary, thank you!

  38. Which is so frustrating that so many doctors are like “you spent too much time on documenting this” when that is LITERALLY part of being autistic. Yeah, definitely spent way more time than an allistic person would and you think that makes me somehow less autistic? 🤦‍♀️

  39. Lol I feel like documenting everything is highly autistic for me. I can’t help it. I document everything 😭

  40. Product Marketing Manager, specialize in growth. I love making connections with seemingly unconnected things. I get to study human behavior through user research and creating (imaginary) human personas that represent customer audience segments. Then I draw connections from products going to market to those user personas and craft the story that connects those products to their target buyer. I used to struggle with marketing. It felt inauthentic. But growth research, tied to finding the right message, to the perfect customer most inclined to use a product and telling that story is pretty cool to me. I work with a lot of small businesses and start ups so I get to go down that rabbit hole learning about their business, why they do what they do, and then help them identify their perfect customer and make those connections from the messaging and in bringing their product and services to market to their perfect customers. I get the high energy of working with founders, and often find many small business owners have this energy and passion around their projects that make it interesting for me to work with them. I am typically shy and introverted, but since this is one of my special interests, my clients really listen so I’m less inclined to have anxiety over it.

  41. I volunteer as tribute! When do I have to take the test by?

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