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  1. The way I see it, we've been training for this (whatever "this" is)

  2. Its leaking and you need to repair it immediately, or you can bring it to a mechanic if you're into that stuff

  3. Aquele estilo "descontraído": rabo de cavalo, roupa simples e chinelo no pé ou descalça.

  4. Não necessariamente um fetiche, pelo menos para mim. Uns pés bonitos é qq coisa.

  5. A única vez que fui aí estava uma chuva torrencial n deu para ver nada, só a igreja :(


  7. Ainda não se aperceberam que o Son Goku é português.

  8. I focused too much on my career that I forgot to keep up with friends. Now I have a decent career but no friends.

  9. I feel the same way but about my wife and kid. I miss my friends.

  10. At my bachelor's party, when on a beer bar (with multiple different beers) my good friends made me drink a "cocktail" with a bit of every beer everyone had, plus water, Coca-Cola and some weird stuff I don't remember.

  11. it’s at 21 on the US top 50 lmao

  12. What a wasted opportunity for putting one of Pirates of the Caribbean songs!

  13. Aang never meeting his grandkids also means that for a few years, tenzin was the last airbender

  14. I'm not sure but I think Tetris or Super Mario on a cousin's NES.

  15. Achei piada como ele não se apercebeu que o nosso "e" é o mesmo que o "y" deles por isso pronunciou como "ê".

  16. Pah mas 20 pelo esforço para falar português.

  17. Funerals. We do really good funerals. No one is properly gone unless we have had a 2/3 day event. Including a viewing a good pray and lots of food and drink

  18. Do you know how little that narrows it down?

  19. There's nothing of significsnt value in my tent. My house on the other hand has a ton of valuable stuff.

  20. I would actually say this would work on the next gen of parents, as a large number of kids/young adults, even those "into tech" don't understand file structure.

  21. I think about 80-90% of the people I know of my Gen, wouldn't know the difference for sure.

  22. Dica para casos destes: Ficar sentado até os apressados entrarem. Depois entrar sem fila.

  23. A cena é que em voos curtos em que quase toda a gente leva malas "de mão" ficas num instante sem espaço para a tua mala. É a única razão válida pra isso imo.

  24. Man this just reminded me of something cool.

  25. Será que o que a Marta queria dizer é que a oposição não faz nada porque não foram capazes de fazer um bom trabalho nas eleições?

  26. Speaking very loud in public places. I think that’s the number one reason American tourists stand out like a sore thumb.

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