1. Not sure but I remember being an advanced reader in my native language and I taught myself to understand English at the age of 6.

  2. NT people love the idea of honesty and they will praise honesty in childhood because that often makes it easier to have control over the child. But most NT people are afraid of honesty, especially coming from another adult and especially if it's about them. I was almost compulsive in being honest and telling the truth (it's the right thing to do, I have to) but had to stop when realizing it only made things worse for me.

  3. I think your view it too black and white. She felt bullied herself. Anger hides pain. Simple. I have chatted with her, and she has appreciated it. I am happy to have helped her through a difficult time. I wasn't directly attacked, so I can not speak for others. Showing empathy isn't a "reward". Imagine a child in a meltdown. Do you spank? Do you yell? Do you lock them away and ignore them? No, you give the kid a hug and help them become calm. Everything else will make it worse. Same concept. She came for support, and from your response and others, I see now that no one here is capable of doing that in an appropriate, constructive way. You all have your own issues and hang-ups. I am grateful I've developed another perspective through years of therapy. Empathy can be a learned skill. I'm sorry you and others (and her) have not developed it. Wishing you all the best on your journey.

  4. Seeing as you're insinuating that I have no empathy and also wouldn't know how to deal with a child in meltdown, I get the feeling that my comment hurt you. I'm sorry if it did. It was meant more for the people that would possibly read your comment and feel like they have to reply to bullying with empathy and acceptance.

  5. Not hurt or upset at all. Unfortunately, your many assumptions are incorrect. I appreciate you and your responses. I am happy I helped someone.

  6. Actually It's great my assumption (that I hurt you with my commentl) wasn't correct, nothing unfortunate about that. Thanks for letting me know.

  7. You did not copy that link from the OP.

  8. ...Yes I did. I mentioned you in OP's originals reply to another user. Why would you lie about something that can be so easily traced?

  9. Since many boys are diagnosed in childhood I consider anyone who is not a teen anymore having a late diagnosis. They missed help in very important developmental stages.

  10. Yes, I haven't felt this stressed in almost 7 years. I'm honestly scared of these feelings returning.

  11. Thank you for reminding me 😳 I've learned all of these things but somehow I forgot about all of that.

  12. Interesting. What brand do you use? And also important: what does it taste like 😁?

  13. Its called "Traditional Medicinals" Organic Reishi Mushroom with Rooibos & Orange Peel. Caffeine Free. I think it will be an acquired taste to most. to me the mushroom was a lil strong tasting at first but i got use to it ! The taste does not bother me no more added some honey And now i love it looking forward to having one again tomorrrow morning currently i did some more research and apparently someone reviewed it stating it balances the hormones ! Def grabbing another box

  14. NTA and leaving can be a good thing if you're trying to avoid conflict.

  15. You aren't awful! You are human. You are allowed your feelings. You can be happy and sad at the same time. You can love and still be jealous.

  16. I use a divacup and period panties. They usually help me through the day. But since you forget to change your tampon maybe it should be visible for you? Maybe changing to pads will do the trick since you'll be confronted with blood once you go to the toilet? Or is it an issue to go to the toilet in the first place? Than maybe set alarms to actually go?

  17. In my experience, yes. Especially if you mask a lot because they love getting attention. I realized if I stop masking and will stop forcing myself to smile and act interested, I'm no fun to them anymore.

  18. Looking back I remember flat out unmasking in front of a manipulative "friend" of mine because I was socially and mentally exhausted. She started asking why I was being so awful to her all of a sudden. When I said, "This is just me," of course she started telling me I was wrong, I wasn't being myself because she KNEW me and I would never be so cold and inconsiderate.

  19. Those type of people are very sensitive, so when your responses get "cooler" they'll think something is up. If you're interested in this look up the gray rock technique.

  20. Ok I’ve never heard of this suggestion but it definitely makes sense. I’m willing to try it but I am very much addicted to caffeine and get crazy migraines without it so I’m not sure how I could manage to just stop for about a week. Any suggestions or has anyone else tried this with similar reactions to caffeine withdrawal?

  21. Maybe try cafeine-free coffee? In most cases it still contains a small dose of caffeine. I also like drinking green tea, I've read caffeine from tea lasts longer and makes you crash less.

  22. You may want to approach him with some openness rather than charging in with accusations of acting with bad intent. Given the context he may have been trying to cover for you and contextualize your behavior in order to preserve his family's good opinion of you.

  23. Sending hugs because my christmas with the in-laws was drama too. I'm honestly a little woried about you driving alone for so long but maybe that's normal in America? Please keep safe during your long trip.

  24. My therapist told me one of the signs for overstimulation is headaches, so yes

  25. Yes, It's self centered. I think however everyone thinks about their own dead or life when someone dies, in the family or even if It's a celebrity. Death makes you think. I would call it narcissism when those thoughts overshadow the dead of the person or the needs of those who are left behind (the "i'm the real victim" mentallity)

  26. It’s does, with any of my vapes. Not many oils in the mint, compared to cannabis, so it gets spent quickly. Also, use fresh mint 👍

  27. I have a dry herb vape so will non-dried mint be good for that? Do you mix that with anything?

  28. I noticed something was wrong when I was about ten. That's when I told my mom she didn't have to stay with my dad for us (me and my brother). I'm 27 now and learning more about narcissism and for the firt time in my life I think to myself: "Could it be not everything is my fault?"

  29. Sure, I'll work on my insecurities if you work on yours. Because you feeling stupid is not my problem and not in my control.

  30. plenty of men lack accountability as well the % and total numbers is just higher in women this is due to the parachute women get vs men in society. This is why there are no domestic violence shelters where men can leave with the kids. there is a shit load of evidence that we coddle women which means most of them dont need to be accountable to their actions

  31. I can't help but read you think offering shelters to female abuse victims is coddeling. And also that you think we coddle woman by offering shelter to those who were abused so that means women have a lack of accountability? Accountability for...being abused?

  32. I could mention that we weren't talking about shoplifting (obviously) and you dismissed every other point I made. But instead I'll just accept that you're throwing a red herring and will probably do so for the rest of the following comments.

  33. I don't get this. Did he comlain but get ready anyway to bring you to the store? Was he upset because he took the time to get ready and now that was for nothing?

  34. You are correct. He did see it as an inconvenience because he apparently got in the shower earlier (I didn’t know when he had to leave) He did have to shower and get dressed regardless of me. The problem to me is why it needs to be huffed and puffed about lol. It makes me uncomfortable asking for things, which I ALREADY have a problem with. Just tell me no, cant do it. Its not about the going/not going, just stop making me feel tense for zero reason. Am I clear? lol

  35. You are perfectly clear actually. Your question needs a simple yes or no answer.

  36. This is a really good question. Neurodivergent people respond to therapy differently than others, and have different needs, especially with social anxiety.

  37. My partner was tickeling my niece the other day and I got hyper-alert. She seemed to enjoy it and didn't say stop so I let it slide but it made me realize I have issues with tickeling because my bounderies were crossed. I honestly see it as a way to physically abuse someone without it being to obvious. I will never tickle my kids if I have the luck to be a parent.

  38. I have a dry herb vape that I use to vape mint and damiana, stuff like that. I also do it in hopes of not going for more dangerous coping strategies like alcohol

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