🚨PARTNER NEWS🚨 I’m so excited to share with you all that the r/NASCAR community and Reddit’s OrangeRed colors will be adorning our Chevy Camaro next weekend at Talladega! Along with this, we have nearly 1,400 community members on our rear bumper. I hope to make you all proud at ‘Dega!

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  1. Absolutely a fucking joke. This was a brilliant way to reach people that don’t have cable or that can’t stay up til 10 at night to watch this. So freaking stupid man.

  2. Car is dangerous. Something needs to be done immediately. When you have multiple drivers concussed and saying it was the hardest hits of their career you have a major problem.

  3. Think about the number of concussions that have gone untreated and not reported.

  4. Harvick is the one I’m worried about. He’s had multiple hard rear impacts, especially last week

  5. Byron’s penalty is justifiable, Gibbs I don’t think will get the message across as this doesn’t affect his season in any way.

  6. This has all around been one of the most embarrassing days the sport has had to witness in a while. So many things done wrong today on so many fronts it’s unreal.

  7. These have been the most miserable playoffs I’ve ever watched

  8. I need to see an example so that I can pick up on when this is happening and give him shit for it in real time. Thank you in advance.

  9. You would hope winning 4 in a row would attribute for some practice of not throwing up lol

  10. F1 deal doesn’t look so good atm, so it’d be cool if he considers doing this down the line.

  11. Just feels like we’re about to get another new champion this year. I say this and watch the final four consist of all 3 of these guys and Hamlin lol.

  12. I mean, was running top ten most of the Kansas race and recovered lost track position in Bristol to finish top 5. Darlington was the only blemish. Also the roval is arguably Elliotts best track.

  13. This kid is sneaky good. Would love to see a top team pick him up even if it was for a few races.

  14. JR Motorsports stacking their lineup with Xfinity lifers seems like a smart way to chase championships (even with the one prospect seat for Sam Mayer, he should be great next year as well).

  15. I’m fine with this, JGR about to have a whole different Xfinity lineup from the looks of it.

  16. Fully depends on what the next reconfiguration is. Pre-2017 Texas wasn’t too bad at all. Now if it’s another mini Daytona that might cause riots.

  17. There is an incredible amount of irony that North Wilkesboro replaces Texas on the schedule

  18. I'm glad I went Wednesday. Get ready for $200 tickets to see a race there. I'll probably still go.

  19. This is our version of field of dreams if this does happen. Would be an incredibly hot ticket to buy.

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