1. This is my first render ever, did it following a tutorial and really enjoyed every step of it. Called it The Witness and picked colors matching the Ukrainian flag as we are all witnesses of the ongoing and sad events Ukraine and its people are going through. 🕊

  2. Could you do a version of your cousin's name? Or name She-Void after another game you played together?

  3. I don’t think I can its hard to she-his-name. I’m thinking about Spyro related characters as well which would be fitting for the siblings.

  4. Henry became Albert became bertie became Albie and now he replies to Bee. Don’t stress it. I read once that they react better to Y/Ee endings

  5. Decided to call him Spyro, its one of the first games I played when i was younger.

  6. Try different pitches hi low different syllables..how about lazlo or nandor ? (what we do in shadows)....i like Milo or Remy.such fun!!🤔🐈‍⬛🐾🥰

  7. Thanks for the award. Unnamed cat appreciates it. I was considering such names but I’m too indecisive.

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