1. Well, first of all, it’s a child against a child groomer so-

  2. Gon is green with yellow eyes while Meliodas is yellow with green eyes, does that count?

  3. Riku has Infinite Speed along with Multiversal Strength while Meta Knight reaches Low Multi

  4. I thought Riku was Low Complex and Immeasurable?

  5. Xehanort transcending time and space and what not. Usually that’s Uni+ but if the cosmology is already 4D or a multiverse of that kind then that’s Low Complex

  6. Nice, Father VS Belos still has a chance (Feel sorry for Sarah VS Cassidy fans tho)

  7. Sounds cool, thoughts on Spider Man VS Kamen Rider Drive?

  8. No opinion in it because I don’t care for KR and especially seeing my favorite superhero fight against (might be harsh to hear) just a another KR opponent.

  9. I forgot to ask the Obligatory, “why is it your fav?”

  10. When someone attempts to make connections for Steve VS Emmet:

  11. Belos if you don’t give Father the Gates as he blitzes and outhax but with the Gates, Father wins

  12. It could refer to when the episode actually releases so don’t get your hopes down people

  13. Peak/10. Best for both by a decent margin imo. Pretty much everything about it works and works so well.

  14. Most statements and even lore on the wiki are written more like legends than facts. Almost none of it is even reflective of the games at all. But it’s just always waved away as “game limitations”. And then you have statements like Paarthurnax saying “Even I can’t see beyond times end” people taking that literal as proof that Alduin can devour entire timelines and that makes him multiversal. Paarth is literally just saying he doesn’t know what’s gonna happen after the end times when Alduin destroys the world.

  15. Most statements and even lore on the wiki are written more like legends than facts.

  16. How? They aren’t same when it comes to powerlevel, Tallman is a multiversal threat, and slenderman is only multi forest-Town level fodder, it’s a mismatch. They might look the same but there is a huge gap in power level

  17. Tall Man wins against the Original sources but gets bodied by Composite

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