1. Yes a random old man who I met I the hospital said going to the gym will.give me cancer

  2. I said your teacher not a message board.

  3. Sounds exactly right. If you look above I said I didn’t know how old you are but self control usually comes with age.

  4. Aite I’ve done boxing since I was pretty young so I picked that up again so that helped with posture etc then I just did chin tucks like everyday for 6 months, it literally took 18 months for it to get better it wasn’t easy

  5. Ahhh. I haven’t heard of him. I watch pro bodybuilders like Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler and just research the science about exercise like the stages of muscle growth.

  6. I’ll check it out. Definitely take a look into pro bodybuilders on YouTube. No disrespect to the amateurs but the professionals are professionals for a reason. They tend to work smarter rather than harder with using machines rather than the just staying the classic weightlifting route. Just something to think about because it is easy to ruin your joints like the knee with certain exercises. Good luck!

  7. Real thing! Geographically disproportionate amount of welsh dna at the top of cardio sports (kenyan/Jamaican dna group still often dominates these sports).

  8. Why is that if I may ask ,I heard Welsh were good archers but not this ,what adaptions caused it?

  9. I think a realistic SFX chin would be beyond you as you need a lot of knowledge to create that. You might be able to create the illusion with powder or cream. Take a contour powder/cream or eyeshadow in two shades darker than your skintone. Draw a VERY thin line where you want the cleft to be. Use a powder or cream in one shade darker than your skintone and very lightly blend the line outwards. Do the darker line again and blend outwards into the 2nd brown. Add a powder or cream in one shade lighter than your skintone one the area where the cleft protrudes.

  10. Thanks but will I be able to look like henrey cavill with this ,I have the face and jawline just the cleft part

  11. It's just that I would like to be like him and so far the only comment is the cleft

  12. Hi guys does anyone know where I can find a cheap and reputable protien powder brand in malaysia like under rm 100

  13. Under rm100 for how many grams?

  14. What ligament/part of your foot?

  15. maybe take some time off training and let that heal brother. Ligaments are no joke and without rest only get worse

  16. Okay so the picture is of people wearing polo shirts and chinos, so a good recommendation would be to search for both of those terms. What country are you in and what's your budget - then find some good stores that cater to those

  17. Malaysia ,I tried but I am not sure what to get for north Indian /middle Eastern features and tan skin

  18. Just to note - Your skin colour or ethnicity has zero relation to what clothes you can wear :) What do you like about the style shown, and what would you like to emulate?

  19. Yep every single ethnic group in the world has multiple different diseases/conditions they are genetically at a higher risk for

  20. I'm not sure why, but if you do a DNA test you can find out what you have a higher risk of

  21. I see ,just curious why is the west obsessed on making south asians look weak or its it just a bias observation of the indians in the West(ie comming in as it grads or doctors hence not looking as south asians in a holistic lens)

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