1. I’m with you. I need FIR morphine, which is fairly common. I haven’t found a single morphine in 3 days.

  2. You can craft them by the way. If you have flea its possible. Also Raiders commonly have morphine on them in reserve.

  3. I haven’t been focusing solely on finding morphine, more or less hitting all the spots I know to find it. Bishop, crackhouse, even Mantis and the pharmacy by Tech. I’ve found a ton of Prop, and Adrenalin, but no damn morphine, lol. I could craft it, I just didn’t expect it to take more than a day to find 3 of them, especially since I hit Bishop like 6 times today alone. To not find any is unusual, but I have a quest for it. Spa Tour 7 I think it is.

  4. I find alot of it loosely in crackhouse on customs. Maybe swap it up a little <3

  5. Theres definitely a place for slow and tactical but, for example in dorms, if you and your buddies are just gonna sit there not making a sound and forcing a solo player to try make something happen, you probably shouldnt go to dorms.

  6. We don't sit in dorms all game listening for noise, we do slow clears. Check rooms for rats and chads. Do our quest/loot and leave, no need to stay and risk fights.

  7. You compared a non realistic shooter with literally the worst mechanical room clearing possible and you’ve just compared that to being a navy seal HAHAHAHAHAH. The people who play this game are fucking wild

  8. I said. "like" a seal team, it was the first thing that came to mind... Also, I wasn't comparing the mechanics as IRL, the idea was a quick insertion, do the job, get out. Kind of like when Seal Team 6 did their thing.

  9. I coined the term Cheeki Breeki Check the Wiki to everything that can be solved with a 2 min wiki search lol.

  10. Alduin because he howls every time he is hungry and there is no food (even though the bowl is still full)

  11. I didn’t even die by him 😂 I jumped off the map to get my play two matches daily challenge & was spectating

  12. So you trolled your team and got mad at someone showing off his stats a little?

  13. I just don't have to that much time to play. Work, kids and stuff. So i prefer to find out an advice right away so i won't need to reload and loose a lot of progress...

  14. Ignore the urgency part, its just a hook to get you the story going (it may effect quests a little but not by too much), like Skyrim they say the world "may end soon" but it wont. It is what it is.

  15. He has one of the best armors you can get in the game. His helmet is great too if you don't mind being blind. And igolnik is decent. Altho I hate 545 and won't touch it.

  16. true, but you gotta GET to the switch which is on the 2nd floor of the mall, where the rogues would be

  17. Not really, Rogues already shoot AI scavs, *atleast the goon squad does* so it would make sense to have Killa or Gluchar to go have a firefight.

  18. Zed W is a 20 second window, before you try to compare him with fizz and LB, in which fizz you max his E making is window smaller each level, LB W is like 10 seconds or so.

  19. I was also at work, wasn't trying to add new points just countering his points, normally I would have added them but it took me 25 min just to post that due to interruptions.

  20. on customs ruaf you can shoot from the bridge or train cars at big red

  21. On Shoreline: if i spawn archway i run up to weather station and look to highway.. ALWAYS a squad running to pier along that road.. easiest SBIH section and Punisher 4 IN MY FUCKING LIFE.

  22. 175ish i think. but you have the high ground so you dont have to compensate for the drop as much.

  23. Usec only have that advantage until they kill a Rogue. After that it is the same thing. It's really not an excuse.

  24. until someone* kills a Rogue, then we are fucked.

  25. yeah prolly popped a propy or some shit combined with bad luck on my part

  26. etg green stim is a rapid regen stim, propitol and adrenaline can regen as well.

  27. You could just not exit D2, come up a bishop building and head to manhole by knight.

  28. back when it was a 100 flat, i got a pmc kill on customs that was 99.9... I wanted to break my keyboard so bad.

  29. I think the damage needs to increase with each tick on the first ring, keep the damage low but casually increases to keep people from just sitting in the ring and popping meds.

  30. I mean, I'm sure there is a way of making it so your "teammate"/group items are not gonna be fir for you. But it's probably somewhat difficult to implement correctly? Not gonna be all smart about it since idk what I'm talking about

  31. it also stops cheaters from 1 tapping you and selling 4 high teir kits for 4 mil for no reason, also limits supply therefore increasing demand.

  32. That's a really good point. Kinda passed by me as I don't encounter many cheaters

  33. Yeah it was pretty bad when running labs back in the day, people would shoot you through 4 walls and loot all of the rooms + raiders, you also used to be able to bring big ass cases into raid and just fill it with everything in the raid.

  34. Don't worry about how fast you learn him, just play and try to have fun, test things out, mess with combos. My build is usually considered a little "off meta" but it works for me, just go with what feels right! :D

  35. Don't be a chad on reserve without RR.

  36. Were you waring a paca? that barely stops anything after 1 shot.

  37. Everybody is building sunfire, i can´t kill shit and everybody oneshots me while building full tank

  38. Damn, its like you aren't supposed to fight tanks as an assassin.

  39. What do you understand when i say "everyone"?

  40. I understand that not everyone is building sunfire as much as you think they are.

  41. After all my Time playing zed I thought this was an indicator that you couldn't tp to it due to the range, the more you know.

  42. and 110, gas station office, director office.

  43. Forget about flash drives, were are the fucking gas analyzers?

  44. I don't think it was ever supposed to be a surprise betrayal. His history of up and skipping Night city, Vik and Evelyn make a point of telling you he's kinda garbage too. But V and Jackie ignored it cause they had stars in their eyes. The surprise was supposed to be for them, not for us. You can hear Dex talking on the phone when you enter that washroom. It really wasn't supposed to be a surprise.

  45. I think you should have had the opportunity to circumvent it though,

  46. I think it's cause while this is an RPG it also wants to tell a specific narrative. Not like Fallout or Elder Scrolls where we can dramatically change the outcomes. You know what I mean? They are telling a story, and we are along for the ride. Like a roller coaster.

  47. While true, I just wish they marketed it that way.

  48. yaah bosses don't run out of ammo, its dumb.

  49. And apparently don't overheat their guns

  50. they also arent affected by blacked limbs

  51. you did it on customs? tf is wrong with you, you madman! everyone knows you go woods/shoreline hop in a bush then put on the hub!

  52. Reserve is my first go-to sbih map. Theast 3 wipes I have gotten all my sbih reserve headshots in 1 or 2 raids

  53. If you spawn archway, rush weather station and look towards the road, 80% chance there is a 2 man running to pier along the road.

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