1. Notice the French beta male running away and just sitting on top of a slide while an elderly woman and little child are stabbed. 🔪

  2. Blame Feminism. They all wanna be equal, muh Patriarchy, and don't need no man" until someone tries to stab their baby. They taught an entire generation that they are not only equal to men, but superior and don't need or want us....unless their life is in danger. White Knighting gets you killed. Poisonous ideology effiminizing men gets you killed. Pay attention ladies.

  3. You don't know me, but my family is NOT vaccinated against covid and we all DID get the dread disease. All recovered, miraculously. Did not use up any hospital beds in the process.

  4. I agree but call the vaccine a poison weapon instead. It is meant to exacerbate the SARS-Cov-2 bioweapon and contribute to other illness and injury.

  5. Can you provide a page #? Searching doesn’t narrow it down for me. I may be slow… lol

  6. Pg 343. Section 6.4 which refers you in the footnotes to section 6.8 all about Poison Weapons on pg 375.

  7. All those little hexagons are either gonna break off or get filled with dirt and other crap. Take a Wera and make it better is all I can suggest. They are about damn near perfect in my opinion.

  8. I did the same but I didn't want to scuff the paint to make it adhere better and it started chipping soon after. I put carbon fiber vinyl wrap on top of it and a peice of plexiglass from work and it looks much better.

  9. I'll take a stab at it and link a bunch of things they probably don't want you thinking or asking questions about regarding the US "food" supply which the USDA is responsible for.

  10. Wasnt my idea, became quite popular like a year ago when Reddit banned the word g**mer, dont know if thats still in affect.

  11. Same. Spent about 2 hours cleaning off the rust and literally solidified grease in the bit mandrel after taking it apart.

  12. Why do you think the Fox news case doesn't mean much?

  13. Blackrock owns a substantial stock portfolio of both Dominion and Fox News Corp. It was in their own interest to settle to "protect" both companies and the narrative that the elections are safe and there was no fraud. Fox has an interest in this considering they called Arizona (I believe it was) for Biden with only 2% of results in. They pulled this same shit in 2000 calling the election for Bush over Gore. Fox didn't decide to settle until Dominion successfully won to have Paul Ryan and the other Fox board members go on the record if there was fraud. They didn't want to do that so they settled which let's the Fake News run all the hit pieces saying "see, it was proven in court no fraud" which isn't the case.

  14. I'll just repost my own comment from 2 weeks ago that has multiple instances of the fraud and election interference. You can add the ballot harvesting (2000 Mules) , Hunter Biden Laptop is fake perpetrated by 51 Intelligence officials, fake news, and the Bidens themselves. The literal suitcases of ballots hidden under tables after a "pipe burst," multiple secretaries of state violating the US Constitution where the State Legislature makes voting laws and they instituted vote by mail and other unlawful schemes. There's also

  15. Genuine question: How are you going to reconcile mentally when none of this comes true?

  16. You can always ask Laura Silsby. She changed her name to Laura Gaylor after the Clintons helped her escape Haitian charges with a slap on the wrist basically after trying to traffick orphans out of the country.

  17. He can also file a claim against their Surety Bonds and have that superintendent removed for this violation of his First Ammendment rights. Learn more at

  18. Elegant speaking scumbag who wants nothing but the worst for every American.

  19. He tailored his dialect and speech to his audience like the pandering jackass he is. He would speak more "black" when that was his primary audience but defaulted to his white oratory speech mostly.

  20. Hussein owns the SHIT we are living in now. And 2024, Democrats are inserting Big Mike as President. They want Hussein to bring home Reparations, more Rights for LGBTQ, more sex changes for children, more abortions, more Illegals, more crushing of the middle class, fewer police officers & more White Nationalists aka Americans thrown in jail. Hussein once said, America is no longer a Christian nation, he was right. America is ruled by Satan. 👿

  21. I absolutely agree with them trying to insert Michael Obama. I wrote this earlier and haven't posted it yet.

  22. Stuff like that cracks me up. It always screams "what you're watching was filmed in Canada!!" when certain scifi actors turn up. Lol

  23. Like how the main actors from Farscape ended up as the main actors on Stargate SG-1.🤣

  24. Oh man. Soooooo many shared actors. But oddly enough, Farscape was filmed in Australia. But they were both syfy channel shows. I can't even think of how many people shared between shows in the Vancouver area. Stargate(s), Smallville, 4400, Battlestar Galactica...

  25. Oh I'm aware. I watched all of those shows. I noticed it every time. They shared some of the same guest writers sometimes too.

  26. DeSantis has zero chance and he knows this. He and Trump are engaged in Kayfabe (fake feud) to have the Establishment GOP back Ron instead of spreading out over all the GOP runners. It's brilliant. Now Trump can see who is really loyal to him and the people can see the Uniparty RINO's versus MAGA.

  27. All the proof you need is mainstream media sources linked in this list of Barry's 1063 examples of corruption during his "scandal free" terms. Archived link included because the website sometimes goes down or reddit just doesn't allow it.

  28. yeah let's define entire 8 years of Obama's administration to this one thing.

  29. I'd rather define his 8 years by pointing out the 1063 examples of corruption during his "scandal free" terms.

  30. The article links to all the mainstream media articles for the claims made. Be mad at them for documenting Obama's crimes and corruption.

  31. I’m usually in the “I don’t give a crap” crowd but enoughs enough. First I’m a racist, then a white supremacist, then the media doesn’t even come close to telling the truth especially when I literally watched what they are lying about. So the democrats have gotten insanely despicable and you wouldn’t even know it by watching the news. The democrats at my work think the border is fine, crime isn’t out of control and everything Biden is doing is fine. When k bring up reality like the border is in chaos and criminals are running the streets with no bail keeping them off the streets they are shocked and don’t believe me. Anyhow, boycotting crap is usually a liberal democrat thing since most people who vote Republican are more of a live and let live type…(yes I know that’s not always the case), but the only thing now I can personally do besides vote is put my money in things that are not political. I personally don’t give a crap a trans people or what someone does in their bedroom. But when you push this crap on kids as “normal” that’s when it got me. I will be participating in the boycotts from now on. Bud light, target and dollar shave club are the things I’ve stopped using since they had to tell me how think. I don’t need virtue signaling while I’m drinking or shaving or shopping!

  32. I didn't join the boycott because of Dylan Mulvany. I was already boycotting them because Bud Light isn't beer. 🤣

  33. Kohl's was already a vulnerable company as most brick and mortar clothing retailers are. They were considering closing 11 stores nationwide I believe so going woke may fast track thst process. It's a shame as I like getting clothes from the cearence rack there for me and my kids. All my dress clothes and 2 suits came from there back when I had a corporate job. Not anymore. 🤣

  34. They absolutely hate that the American people have figured out that all they have to do is not participate. Just don't buy. They can't arrest us, sick the FBI on us like they did with parents speaking at school board meetings, or cancel us online for not shopoing. Name calling as usual but those words have lost all meaning after 6 years of them. We just call them NPCs and laugh while they get even more upset. It's hilarious. Follow it up with an "OK 6r00mer!" and watch their head explode. 🤣

  35. At this point I think DeSantis is the best pick. Trump doesn't have independents which he will need to win. DeSantis can get the middle and undecided. That's why the liberals are more focused on DeSantis, they think he could beat them. It's more important to beat the libs than to get Trump.

  36. DeSantis has zero chance and he knows this. He and Trump are engaged in Kayfabe (fake feud) to have the Establishment GOP back Ron instead of spreading out over all the GOP runners. It's brilliant. Now Trump can see who is really loyal to him and the people can see the Uniparty RINO's versus MAGA.

  37. I really think DT screwed up with this statement. If he thinks Coumo did a better job than Desantis then he is saying that the unconstitutional lockdowns were the right call. I understand that Desantis and Trump are now political opponents but this not a case of the enemy of my enemy is my friend.

  38. Stop taking everything Trump says at face value. He's seeding a narrative. Twitter community notes correct him and put out all the info about Coumo killing the elderly. The center and lefty normies see this and take another small dose red pill. Trump is

  39. Her family's health and freedom from long term health issues due to buying nothing but boxed processed food. I don't see a single steak, egg carton, fruit, or vegetable in there.

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