1. Should be 18 inch pounds on the screws and gaps should be even if possible on both sides.

  2. My 2012 5.0 did that when coolant was low.

  3. Trophy has everything to do with geography. GA no, FL yes.

  4. Goliath. That’s some pea-green water

  5. Set up a target at 50 yards get it roughly cited in then back up to 100. At 100 yards your impact should be one and a half inches to 2 inches above the bull’s-eye. You’re good to go. Another trick is after you get the first shot on paper hold a rifle perfectly still while looking through the scope and adjust a cross hairs to the bullet hole, then you will be 95% there

  6. Ya I'm looking up bore sighting and all that. Guy says I can get zeroed in for 100 in under 3 shots. Hopefully

  7. In a perfect world two shots but the last time I did it it took eight

  8. American here. Suppressors are amazing to use when hunting. Imagine the effective noise reduction of a set of earplugs, but you put it on the gun so everyone gets the benefit. You can also hear your surroundings much better, and don't make enough noise to bother people living near the woods you're hunting.

  9. The problem in the US is politics, I e-filed for my suppressor 7 months ago, still waiting.

  10. Yup. Also why you paid several hundreds of dollars for that suppressor BEFORE the gov taxed you $200. A comparable suppressor in Europe is probably the cost of the stamp, and they're over the counter...

  11. Fantastic! Where with long sleeves when out in the town at night. If someone on the street asks for the time, pull out your ph. Wear in good health.

  12. I have 4 Ridgeline and one MPR. My CA experience has been very positive.

  13. Mine had similar situations. Gave her monthly dose of Ivermectin, fresh peanut hay, plenty of water and some baking soda with water. I think she got into the chicken feed.

  14. Yes. I bought the MPR with steel barrel as it was the only one I could find. Always intended to put it in a hunting style stock. I’ve bought five CAs. They all wear McMillans.

  15. If I still have it when season starts I will. It’s a favorite to shoot and I have others.

  16. I have a 17, what am I missing with the 19?

  17. I read an article about a guy who was a delivery driver in Chicago, had the same truck in a two door with a manual transmission, he put 1,000,000 miles on it and he gave it to Nissan and they gave him a new one.

  18. I have five Christensen, including this model in 6mm, steel barrel, shoots like a champ. Stock is very well made but didn’t like the ergonomics so sold it and dropped barreled action in a McMillan and replaced the brake with an Area 419. One of my favorite rifles. Enjoy.

  19. Yes, and I will do a wire apron all the way around about to feed going out away from the curb and cover with gravel this will prevent diggers from getting underneath, looks very much like our coop beautiful congrats

  20. Garmin! I’m in Panama for two weeks, Sub home in safe.

  21. We lost our male goat last year to worms, they say it affects their neurological system, they now get safeguard once a month especially during the summer, I don’t know if this is what’s happening to your goat but this is what Our breeder recommended

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