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  1. It's a widdle baby! I bet she's a snuggler!

  2. Aw is that his name? He’s such a cutie, I’ve enjoyed seeing him on here 😍

  3. Her name is Pina....but that's a game we used to repeat over and over when we were kids.... And she does look like a clock here :))

  4. We stopped giving our Boston soft toys, only the hardest chew toys...our cupboard is a cemetery of destroyed soft toys...

  5. Apart from the relays, the national coach can also be seen as the technical coordinator of the team - different nations interpret this term differently. Some nations would have A-squads and B-squads and they pitch in the cohort depending on the competition level. Some would also be involved in national team training camp setups.

  6. More aerobic work (4-5 hours worth every week) and heavy load weight lifting. Why? Capillary density around the muscle. The will help with the removal of waste from the muscle cells

  7. My guess is hydration try putting a little salt in your water or hydration powders. If it's not that, you might not be properly warmuped up. As we age we need to do more to prepare. Also side note if it is literally the lactate that is the problem. Try having a pinch or two of baking soda in your water within an hour of your race. May help literally cut the acid as it builds in your system. But I would have no idea why all of a sudden your lactate is this bad unless you took a year or years off prior to this season or drastically changed your training this season. May have to implement one lactate workout a week if you are not already doing so.

  8. Yes. Look at how your variable (where you suspect there are outliers) associates with another, known variable. I would be careful to throw out data, however. Of course, if you're working with e.g. heart rate, I would be suspicious if one individual had a bpm of 1500, which certainly will be a technical artifact. But for all other purposes, removing an outlier requires a lot of assumptions about how the data was generated and the cause of the outlier.

  9. I guess it depends what your research question is. I have unfortunately not worked with cycle-time data. Does this relate to the time needed to produce an item? In this case, if you build a model to predict the time to produce such an item, and you discard outliers (e.g. delayed part delivery due to Covid slowing down the process), you may or may not end up with a good model. Sorry I cannot help more here!

  10. We found that anything like inflatable collar/cone of shame are wasted on female Boston's, since their snout is never long enough to touch the stitches.

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