1. Hardly any club gets sales from shirts Man United get I think 15% because of the deal they structured with adidas might be a little more could even be less. And he was on £500’000 a week maybe but less due to a champions league clause but say £500’000 in wages a week that’s roughly 2 million a month you honestly think he’s earning them that much or more. Never mind any other contract agreements he had in his contract appearance/goals/ etc.

  2. The club sponsors pressured United not to transfer him, why do you think that is?

  3. United only get 7% of the shirt sale revenue so for a £60 shirt they get £4.20. And the club sponsors have no say in who they sign or let go doesn’t work like that and that was last summer and it’s the daily star 🤷‍♂️.

  4. They may not have a say in who to sign or not, but they do have a say in whether or not their gonna renewal they're sponsorship contract. Team Viewer is trying to pull out of their £235 million deal with them, Ronaldo brings a whole lot of attention for the club and you can't deny that, and that's something a lot of corporations love more than anything

  5. There’s a reason Manchester United scored a lot more goals the season before he showed up than last season. They actually got worse. On top of that he has played in 16 games this season and scored 3 goals. Why did juve sell him for 15 mil? Because they thought he was a virus and the stats point out he is at Manchester United. They play better without him. So what he says about the glazers and how the club isn’t much different might be right but he sounds like a butt hurt loser who is the last to realize he is a washed up has been

  6. So let me get this straight, it's his fault and his fault alone that they scored less goals? And none of the other players on the team?

  7. yes it's his fault he was a "virus" in Juve who scored 101 goals in 3 seasons, and the only reason Man Utd is even in the Europa League (it could've been a lot worse) its all his fault

  8. Well I guess we'll have to wait and see how much better Manchester are gonna be without him moving forward

  9. We're comparing people who've been working day to day to attain that level of fame for themselves vs people who have loads of other people on payroll actively working day to day to do the same thing for them, how is this even a conversation

  10. Eminem is always trying something new and different so you're bound to have some misses. Nas has always known his strength so he stays in his lane. You can't knock either one of them for it

  11. Black Thought destroyed the whole song, and never thought I'd see the day when Royce would have the weakest verse on a song

  12. Hasn't LeBron been known to have some artists albums before they drop? I mean he was still LeBron at the time so he could've met them before they blew up and had access to some of their songs. I mean wouldn't you want one of the biggest athletes in the world bumping some of your unreleased music to people to help blow you up? I mean Atlanta and Miami are not that far from each other

  13. Doesnt matter what the process is as long as the finished product sounds good and you're learning to rap so thats a good way to do it, I've been doing it for 10 years and occasionally I'll still use the rhyming dictionary if i find myself stuck

  14. "By now its pretty evident that the Jewish community does indeed have a certain level of power and influence that not many other groups do..."

  15. Have you not been following any of what's been going on? Ari Emanuel is jewish and he called for companies to stop dealing with Kanye and that's what happened, how is that not influence? I could say by now its pretty evident black athletes have a certain level of influence in who wins the NBA tournaments, does that make it anti-black?

  16. You don't have to release it if you feel it's too dark to put it out there but I'd still write for therapy purposes. Also this might sound too woohoo but speaking from personal experience, you gotta be aware of what perspective you're writing from, there's a difference between writing from the perspective of having overcome those dark moments and the perspective of being currently in them. The second one puts you at risk of being stuck in a loop where you attract those experiences back into your life coz you're constantly singing about them. Words have power and you always gotta remember that. That's how you find people that constantly singing about heartbreak keep manifesting relationships where they get their hearts broken and they can't figure out why. While you write about the dark times for therapy, also remember to write about the experiences you want to have coz that's equally healing as well

  17. https://www.tabletmag.com/collections/black-israelism

  18. Damn, they got Jack Sparrow to be hype man? Must've been a hell of a show! I hope there was rum

  19. You posted this in WSE already, What does this have to do with Kanye? Is it the fact that XXXTENTACION (featured on Selfish) was friends with a Muslim artist known as PnB rock? Is it related to Ye because the Jesus Walks actor was mixed? I literally don’t get these posts.

  20. The whole point of this post is to get some people to realise their hypocrisy in selective outrage, if that doesn't apply to you then it's not for you

  21. Ye was probably like 'This what you get for rocking them bum ass Nikes'

  22. He was acting the craziest when he went up on stage and yanked the mic from Taylor Swift at the awards show and he dropped MBDTF right after that and I would call that album shitty. The media ate him up after he did that and he went into a self imposed exile in Hawaii and recorded that album

  23. I personally don’t think that’s crazier than running for president lol and his music has been trash the past few years.

  24. Have you noticed how there aren't many rappers that have had a career that long and people still praise their music to the same level they did when they started out? Eminem, Jay Z, Kanye, Lil Wayne to name a few. They release new music now and people say they miss the old 'insert name here' That's coz when they started out they had a hunger and need to prove themselves and they were rapping about the struggles they went through to get to that point and people related to that and were drawn to it. Now let's say you've now made it and go on to be a millionaire for over 10 years and got everything you want in life, what are you really gonna rap about that's new and innovative that you've never done, very little. It's just the natural progression of things. Same way Michael was never able to make another 'Thriller' because that happened in his prime

  25. I love Ye but let's not forget MJ didn't need autotune. Some of his most praised catalogue is heavily reliant on it. And we can compare the music but if we're talking about artistically overall, we also can't leave out MJ's showmanship, his live performances and dance were out of this world. MJ didn't have a fashion line but if he did am sure everyone would've wanted some of that, to this day people still dress like him not coz they want to be like him but because they wanted to be him.

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