1. Take your old charger and go to uniway computers on quebec. They have some used stuff. I have bought laptop chargers from then twice. They were cheap, and outlived the laptops. Even if they break early, they are cheap enough to not matter too much.

  2. From my mark calculation in CMPT 370, I got a 50% on the final, possibly less depending how much I got for the participation grade. That was some tough marking. I still got 75% which is 5 more than I was hoping for so I am not gonna complain.

  3. Going with a 420mm AIO instead of a custom loop, you can get a 4TB SSD and nice 4K monitor into your budget.

  4. No, you can't attach the GPU to an AIO.

  5. I'm fine with iCUE. I'd much rather have only one software running instead of several different for my rgb.

  6. I will admit I got confused when looking at motherboards. There is no easy website that compares them. I am good with IO for even the cheaper ones, but not sure about overclocking support. This PC will be my first attempt at it.

  7. be certain the 13900K is better than the 7950X in the engineering apps you use.

  8. The gamer's nexus review did show the 13900K being better at the cost of power efficiency. But I can't remember exactly which areas the 7950x beat the 13900k. Thanks for reminding me, I'll double check. I might be able to save some money here.

  9. Good write up. I agree with all of it, except I just have a differing opinion on studded tires inside cities as they have poorer grip on dry pavement. They also damage roads, and our roads are bad enough as it is.

  10. At USask, this term? I enjoyed MUS 133 quite a bit. It's nice to be in a class with people you know share your interest and aren't just there to grind out a degree.

  11. You know what sucks, that we can't take every class we want. There is just so much interesting stuff out there with passionate people who want to share their knowledge. But real life just gets in the way.

  12. She was great. I was in Engineering at the time so the content was so different than my regular schedule too!

  13. Professors like that are awesome. One I know from engineering is Allan Dolovich, he's a mech E prof but teaches the lower year GE classes too. In comp sci, I wanna say Mark Eramian. Did cmpt 214 with him and 280 with a different teacher but with him in charge of both sections. His cmpt 214 book is amazing, still use it sometimes. I am taking his image processing class next September.

  14. Same! I immigrated from Pak recently too. Majoring in computer science starting this winter term in the college of arts and sciences

  15. I'm in comp sci too, 3rd year. You'll like it. I have found the comp sci students very friendly, open, and always willing to help out. Visit the Spinks computer labs to work. You'll be able to find help easily if you get stuck.

  16. Lots and lots of practice. This class teaches an entirely new way of thinking which most people haven't come across before. At least I didn't.

  17. I don't see anything haram in the ingredients. It should be fine to eat.

  18. Sorry unrelated question but how did you create the curves in sketch up

  19. I have never used sketch up so I don't know the particulars of that software.

  20. Invisible braces usually yield invisible stability (non-existent stability). Why not design a center brace that's just as creative as the legs?

  21. I knew this was going to be the case but I held out hope that someone might have a method I didn't think of. One of the idea I came up with was running two steel c channels along the length of the table connecting the legs. I saw some YouTube videos of people running them width wise to prevent warping. With metal being stronger it could be made thin enough to be hidden underneath.

  22. I have a question, if a brother or sister may be able to help me.

  23. This a very difficult question and, in my opinion, there is no general answer here. Situations like this should be handled on a case by case basis. If you are ever in a situation like this, you need to consult with both your doctor and a trusted scholar.

  24. I feel like it should be "unrestricted" as in not illegal, especially in a non Muslim country This is because Allah tells us that there is no compulsion in religion, and that only Allah can guide people, even the prophets can only remind.

  25. open to anywhere really lol, but if I had to choose probably somewhere in the Carribean

  26. If country doesn't matter, just go to a Muslim country. All food should be halal there.

  27. Nah, data structures aren't too bad. Well maybe the trees; recursion can get convoluted. Assembly on the other hand though...

  28. So if a car crashes it isn’t V2-V1 = (DeltaT) M2-M1?

  29. This was supposed to be a short response but it turned in to an essay instead. So tl;dr:

  30. A few drops of urine can sometimes remain trapped in the urethra. When you walk around, the urethra gets pressed and the last few drops squeeze out. This is pretty common from what I understand. If you don't want that to happen, simply squeeze those drops out yourself.

  31. Same thing happened with me a few years ago but it was my amazon account that got hacked, because I was reusing passwords. I also fell for web page hijack where I put in my bank's security questions. I was tired after a long day at work and didn't pay closer attention to the popup window. Luckily the bank stopped unauthorized access because someone tried to log in from the wrong country. I didn't lose anything because I checked everything pretty quick after my bank called and stopped any transactions.

  32. Not really useless. In the video he did mention the story about the first undersea telegraph lines and how not understanding electrical energy flow led to failure.

  33. Lasagne has cheese, sauce, beef, and pasta usually. The lasagne sheets should be fine as they are.

  34. Just a quick note that animal rennet, even from non-halal sources, isn't haram according to some very conservative views:

  35. I too follow that view generally. But I don't know whether the persons OP will be feeding ascribe to that view. Hence my more conservative response. Truth be told, most cheese I have run across uses microbial rennet. I think that's the norm these days to the points that it would be hard to find animal rennet in mass produced cheese.

  36. So do I go to hell for saying in wrong order for a few (4) years? Thank you

  37. You wont be punished for an innocent mistake. But it might be better to use the name of the prayer when making your intention. Fajr, zuhr, etc.

  38. Everybody is too busy with worship to make memes.totally not me

  39. This is a pretty good bill, the only reason I see any religious scholar having a problem with it is point 6. The others are all valid and should be implemented and enforced.

  40. Why would religious scholars have a problem with 6? I am taking your comment to mean proper religious scholars trained in family law. And not your run of the mill maulvis.

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