1. I’ve had Starlink for over a year and it’s been 4 months since I’ve had any issues with dropping out or truly anything

  2. I was in pretty much the same boat, only it was spectrum, 2/3 mile and 21,000 to pull cable to me. Starlink has been life changing.

  3. Yeah it’s so awful. I’m so disappointed it was so good when I first got it then they oversold it

  4. Check it during off peak hours. If you get really decent speeds, there is nothing wrong on your end. They are oversubscribed and things will get better when more sats come online……hopefully.

  5. What kind of a statement is this? The whole Starlink service is still new. Give things a few years. People are so short sighted and want things now.

  6. Being that I’ve had Starlink for close to a year now the first few months were amazing 150-200 mbs but the last two months it has seen no higher than 40 mbs which is horrendous compared

  7. Did you try the two cups and a string to compare?

  8. Did you swipe up for advanced. What is router to internet speed

  9. Some people are being really rude and inconsiderate of this person’s experience. No, it probably wasn’t a good idea writing out this letter and giving it to your boss. Short and sweet is usually how it should be. But also it seems like the poster went through a lot of stress at HD such as getting his expensive bike stolen and losing his only method of transportation.

  10. Jesus you sounds like a liberal whiny baby bitch Karen you’re replaceable go get a real job loser

  11. Bestbuy does not care about its employees anymore this so an awful company you’re working for.

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