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  1. I liked 1.5 better. The buy menu screen was simple - 1.6 tried to be fancy, slowed me down and they changed some of the buy numbers and I never recovered.

  2. 1.3 before we got the slowdown when landing from a jump was peak CS.

  3. I've gotten 1 pistol and 7 AR gold. I've got a long way to go. as I have the Victus and the Bas-P guns, that's 2 less weapons for me to do. I'm skipping the riot shield and the combat knife, and once I get more dlc weapons, I can skip over the launchers.

  4. Knife is one of the easiest and most fun, it will help with your movement also.

  5. Do they really think they are scaring anybody? That is a dip for ants. Make it worth my time, under 20$ so I can fill the truck please.

  6. I don't think this is to scare, moreso to not allow it to go green while the broader market is down a good %

  7. The only thing I don't like is I've always been a goat on controller and now with MW2 out the AA is downplaying my skill, so now because I play on controller I'm suddenly not that good anymore? Another reason why PC people are sometimes a bunch of cucks

  8. It helps through smokes because it's broken. But it DOES NOT compensate for recoil. It DOES NOT remove stuns. If you're gonna cope, at least cope a little less harder.

  9. AA doesn't remove stuns but by default stuns affect you way less than someone on mnk. Its the most blatant disparity between inputs in the game.

  10. Which had nothing to do with what I was saying or who I was referring to…

  11. You were referring to mnk players but you said pc players, when there's quite clearly a difference.

  12. I lost the will to live with point blanks tbh.

  13. All these stupid camo requirements are to vary the play styles throughout lobbies so bots can get stoked when they kill people going for point blanks, change my mind.

  14. I think glint is a fair game mechanic (it’s clearly not realistic), but it’s a bit excessive in this game. Anything 3x or greater having some degree of glint is silly - it should be a 6x plus sort of thing. And it shouldn’t be so bright that it obscures the snipers head so you can’t actually aim at it. That kind of defeats the purpose from a mechanical point of view.

  15. Scope glint went from being a disadvantage in previous games to an advantage now due to it obscuring the player. If you look at scope pros/cons in game it lists "small" scope glint as a con.

  16. It's almost like you can be against invasive advertisements in multiple forms...

  17. I feel like on this game the camo grind is super easy anyway though. You don’t need a whole lot to get gold on the guns. Platinum is the hardest one to get and shoothouse is really hard to get long shots on. The middle lane is pretty much the only spot and so far on mw2 I rarely get people down the middle lane at all. I can camp it the whole match for long shots kills and most games I’ll barely get a couple.

  18. There are multiple angles on shoothouse that will get you long kills that aren't down the middle lane.

  19. I don't have the skin, and haven't really found anyone using the skin to be better on average in my lobbies. It seems like a really weird criticism to have because it's not even like they're getting a benefit like a Roze skin, in fact it's the opposite. So if this skin triggers you, it seems more like you're upset that there are people better than you at the game.

  20. What kind of argument is "use only meta weapons" :D

  21. Whenever you see someone talking about players that "move like crackheads" you can rightly assume they're not very good at the game.

  22. Tickle me elmo? This dude can't reference anything current. It's like when he has to think on the spot his brain only reverts to memories made before he CTE'd himself.

  23. Thats only 550,000 pre split, which is only half of what they'd usually magic up.

  24. Not sure whether to take at face value, or if he has a legal team in front of him - which I can’t imagine he doesn’t. It’s insane to think his first interview was affiliated/linked with a page on Reddit 😂

  25. Ryan was using a basic camera setup and you could hear the echo in his home when he spoke, if there were other people moving around at all in there you would hear it.

  26. Not a real complaint, but reading it like your title I immediately thought you were announcing that he bought more shares now.

  27. What am I going to do with 1500 NFTs? And I'm small fry.

  28. Hypotethetically it could be tiered NFTs based on your holdings. Higher your share count, the more rare the nft you're given. So you only receive one NFT for all of your shares.

  29. The guy has money in 3commas? It should be 2commas now!

  30. This way of thinking is great for the top end - middle skilled players, but horrible for lower skilled players as they will never have varied matches and will always be shit on.

  31. If you're terrible at the game, you won't get any better exclusively playing with terrible players.

  32. If sbmm is turned off you would be in a game with a random sampling of the entire population, the vast majority are nowhere near that level. You're creating boogie men out of nowhere

  33. You think aim assist is op lmfao aim assist is so far from op. Is it good sure, it could be. But the real issue is shit like titan 2 and cronus not being addressed as well as pc fucktards using ds4 app for no recoil and or actual fucking hacks.

  34. I'm just going down the line and maxing each one out not even looking at attachments

  35. What better way to find out what gun I like other than someone on youtube recommending me one lol

  36. I've always been of the opinion that guns and attachments should be fully unlocked from the start. Let people unlock cosmetics and other stuff. If you are going to force a progression system like this on the player base it would be nice if there was at least a game mode that accompanied it. There's a reason that shipment, shoothouse etc were always heavily populated, people don't want to waste time leveling trash guns they have no intention of actually using.

  37. This shit ruins the game, yet they keep doing it and making it worse with every iteration.

  38. Dumb thread is dumb. Sbmm for pubs is fucking stupid and not enjoyable whatsoever. Oh, just use "fun" guns... How can I do that when I'm forced to unlock these guns by using other guns i have no interest in using, while enduring the soul sucking sbmm?

  39. honestly dude i thought the hype would die after almost 2 years but its as strong as ever haha

  40. It doesn't die because we all know what's coming... It's an eventuality.

  41. Anyone else having flashbacks to the last time RC bought more? Stair-stepping afternoon action, that is

  42. Honestly it's all kind of blurred together but didn't we jump up like $30 during his buy in?

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