1. Ah Yes, and with the Vision Driver, he turns into Kamen Rider View

  2. CPU tips: buy intel if you only want to game, buy AMD if you want to do more than just game like animation, rendering, editing

  3. Nah both of them have lot of cores now.Intel has 24 cores flagship meanwhile amd 16

  4. Amd ls more friendly towards other than game such as linux but both have similar amounts of performance now

  5. If Intel makes CPU/GPU in one chip with i7and 3070 power. Nvidia is done

  6. Drill is kind of bad omen too since it did Buffa no good

  7. Now PC hardwares are too powerful (even some laptops now can match desktop)

  8. Ironically, Kiriya and Michinaga have some things in common besides that.

  9. The beginning would be fun. Im down for the chaos of 4v4v4+ fights. The end circle will be lame though because it will end up 4 v 2 or 4 v1 more often then 4v4 or 4v3. That and in my experience if youre joining trios without a set team 90% of the time 1 person goes somewhere different than the other two and that would only be worse in quads.

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