1. Hi I’d like you to pray for me for 2 things. A soft and revived heart And a faith that lasts and endures

  2. There’s are sinners who have done horrible things but if you’ve repented you are clean now, sometimes it’s just hard to forgive ourselves. Actually very hard sometimes. And don’t cut off your hand or shave your head that’s not rational just take a deep breath and pray for the Lord to heal your mind. Also take practical steps towards that healing like seeing someone to talk to. If those are intrusive thoughts recognize that they’re intrusive thoughts and that they’re not yours or who you are.

  3. I’m willing to listen to arguments and factual reasoning , but when they’re straight up making up LIES its a red flag in my head

  4. I don't carry. I used to want to get my concealed permit, but over time decided against it, for a myriad of reasons. As far as ownership, it's a part of my family culture, as well as the culture I was raised in. I can't remember the last time I shot either gun. I don't keep my gun loaded to defend my home, it's in pieces locked in different areas of the basement, so in the inevitable apocalyptic future, someone will have to spend 45 minutes to an hour traipsing around my home like some kind of low budget resident evil mansion attempting to assemble a full weapon. And just because I can look at the scripture and say "hey I think this is what it's saying," that doesn't I mean I consider myself above approach on the topic, nor do I think there's an easy answer when we start to unpack. There's parts of the Bible where Paul seems to say that ideally, all Christians should be celibate... but me and my wife, as well as our year and a half old son, could tell you all about what that looks like in practice.

  5. Pretty well rounded response I gotta say, I shouldn’t put myself above reproach either as that hardens your heart. And I think when Paul said that he was talkin bout he himself because the word sais to have a wife is a good thing. I appreciate the response tho

  6. I was talking to a friend about this yesterday and I'm pretty sure he says something to the effect of "I would have it that all be like me, but it's better for them to be married than to burn in their lust." Again that's a super from the back of my head TLDR translation of what he was saying, but I think it just emphasizes the point that most of us don't have It figured out. I also appreciate you having a friendly discussion with me. It means a lot to have people invest in this post with me.

  7. Yea it’s quite a topic especially in America, also, WOW I’ve never heard that verse and it kinda just hit me like a truck. But yea I love a good friendly discussion on scripture anytime

  8. In the days before cell phones I was driving home on the New York Thruway at about 2:00 AM. I was in the middle of nowhere. My lights went out and my engine quit. Then it started right back up, drove for another 3 hours and got me where I was going. It would have been pretty horrible to be stuck out there with no phone. When it was towed to a garage, the mechanic told me my rotor had sheered off. This is the distributor rotor. It’s not possible for a car to drive, or for the engine to even run, without a properly functioning one.

  9. Oh travel is for losers who can't handle bumps 🤣 I bend a rim every time I go out. Its what's taught me to tru a rim! I had to upgrade my front forks after I blew out the original. But the hard tail life taught my to pick better lines as I'm hauling, now I just fly through Rock gardens 😎

  10. God will never leave you. Romans 8:38-39 says that absolutely nothing can separate us from the love of God that is shown to us in Jesus. We can’t cancel out his work for us. You may not feel him, but he is still there. Our faith is because of the work of Jesus, not our own works. He is with you.

  11. I know it does get scary I've been there as well. Just remember there is always a war with our flesh it's why we need Jesus. We can not do this on our own strength. No matter how we feel we do our best to keep fighting we keep following. And it was good for you to come and talk with your fellow brothers and sisters because we are here to encourage and edify you. We will all make it but this life is hard and so much gets in the way. The wonderful thing about God is that he never changes and he is perfect so we can rely on him no matter what that such a comfort and peace to us when these times hit. When you say conviction do you mean that you sin and do not feel bad about it ?

  12. Yea exactly. When I first converted if I sinned I would be convicted but I’ve been living in unreprented sin for like the last 9-10 months and Kinda just tuning out everything to do with God just so I could sin. That’s why I came to the conclusion I’m a reprobate because I could just sin and not really care almost. However I’m pretty sure once your saved your sealed though so I’m not sure

  13. Change around your schedule, if you can go early in the morning or late at night. I understand how you feel all too well. But I certainly recommend going when its empty

  14. Drunken lifestyle is what I believe is the point in Scripture.

  15. Zippy is a one man operation; its just me =) but yes they are printed from Atomic PETG with print-in-place tungsten weights. The bite handle markers are made of TPU, which is a rubbery polyurethane.

  16. Noice the craftsmanship looks incredible I gotta say, definetly considering one in the future

  17. The whole country is on camera so if they WANT to get them then it was really straightforwards while I lived there but if it wasn't serious then they let a LOT of shit slide!

  18. When did you buy this radio? I have seen quite a few posts that some batches didnt come with the fm radio chip due too the chipshortage.

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