1. Don't come over here then, would make little or no sense. You'd have to go through articling in Canada anyway I think even if you qualified here. Have seen people move from top firms in Toronto to New York firms on occasion too.

  2. It will depend what area you qualify into - if you're in a transactional department or commercial litigation, you could also go and work offshore (Caribbean etc.) which is a lot less stress than London.

  3. Hi could you please expand on the working offshore in the Caribbean ? What practice areas are best to qualify into for this?

  4. Generally Corporate, Finance, Funds and Commercial litigation. Very occasionally real estate, even less frequently employment. Once in a blue moon IP. It does also depend a little on which of the Caribbean jurisdictions. E.g. more funds in Cayman, more opportunity for advocacy in disputes in BVI.

  5. Slaughter and May tend to have a lot less specialisation within their transactional teams, whereas at other firms you might have a separate Private Equity team to general M&A, Financial Services M&A, etc etc., my understanding is that at S&M you're expected to muck in across the board. I think the same may go for Finance as well.

  6. Thank you! I am certainly edging towards Slaughters based on their multi-specialism. Although from what I’ve heard, they don’t have much of an “international brand”, which may or may not be down to their lack of international offices and preference for a best friends network.

  7. There is no international brand to speak of... they are a magic circle firm, and people around the world will know that and they do cross-border work, but they are not an international firm in the same way any of the other MC firms and most SC firms are.

  8. https://www.reddit.com/r/UKJobs/comments/iltqqz/has_anyone_here_tried_bradstone_allington/

  9. I suggest you go on a case by case basis and consult a lawyer if anything actually arises - no lawyer covers or is even aware of every single aspect of English law because it's so vast, so there's no way a bit of YouTube viewing or skimming a book by a non-lawyer would ever prepare you for something that lawyers spend years studying and training to deal with.

  10. The LegalAdviceUK mods fans are a toxic little clique dedicated to the exclusivity of their club.

  11. It's a pretty fine line to walk though - if it's a sub that's supposed to be able to give at least some basic legal advice, then they need to police who's giving said advice pretty tightly so people don't get misled and do something to their detriment.

  12. Toilet paper, for when you soil yourself as a streamer who has power-levelled to level 42 in the first 12 hours comes stomping at you with a meta M4A1, a slick and an altyn

  13. My plan is to roleplay an erratic, psychologically disturbed yet curiously hard to spot hobo. I will sneak around, hide and then VOIP behind people before running away cackling.

  14. Sorry - are you a lawyer? Because you should probably be saying if you're not when giving this advice. Especially since it's incorrect. The contract has been agreed, the OP is on the hook for 6 months of rental payments.

  15. You're just spewing random words you think are relevant at this stage... none of this is valid legal advice. Perhaps refrain from misleading people?

  16. Oh, you'd already posted in there but posted in here anyway despite the "NOT FOR OBTAINING LEGAL ADVICE" up there....

  17. they nerfed loot last year, resort got hit especially hard. Sometimes it just doesnt spawn anything...

  18. Yes, they didn't nerf it so that the container is already open and there are missing slots at the start of the container though, did they... which seems to be what the guy you're replying to is talking about and also something I've seen.

  19. the only containers in there are a pc and a suitcase, which i dont think a cheater would bother searching

  20. You're very unlikely to be able to start at a different time to the rest of your cohort assuming that the regional firm is still one of the larger ones. All the training is lined up for everyone to attend, and having someone off-cycle is going to disproportionately add to admin for Grad Rec (which they have enough of I suspect). If it's a smaller firm where there's only a handful of trainees then *maybe* there might be some scope, but it's still meaning that you'd have to rotate seats at a different time, be admitted at a different time etc. etc.

  21. With the good night inclusion I immediately thought you might come from BVI - I lived there a while and I still couldn't get used to saying "Good Night" as a greeting rather than purely as a farewell. I compromised and used to say Good Evening...

  22. well yes, I am from a BOT in the Caribbean, not the BVI though. But it is a "Caribbean" thing, which you will find everywhere, even in the french OTs

  23. I liked it and was a bit sad when I came back to London and couldn't do it any more without getting stared at...

  24. thank you for the response! there is a space asking about links to the firm, so i'm uncertain if this would qualify, but i'll check with their graduate recruitment team. i'll definitely be sure to include this experience in my "why x firm?" section!!

  25. Is there a space on the application form asking if you know anyone related to the firm (associate, partner, client etc?). If not, then probably best to fit it into the "Why are you wanting to apply to us?" section and say you got a great impression when X took the time to reply to you following the event at your uni.

  26. One thing you need to bear in mind is that becoming qualified on its own in a jurisdiction does nothing to guarantee you'll get a job.

  27. I was waiting for the shoulderbag logo to be turned inwards - this feels incomplete!

  28. Personally I will always go through a recruiter as you avoid completing those godforsaken application forms. I'd rather bite off my fingers than do a cover letter or another application form again.

  29. My personal favourite as a recruiter are the portals where you upload the CV, then get faced with the next page asking you to input the educational history, firm history etc. manually. Or even better where they've got shit AI and it autopopulates it completely incorrectly and you have to go through and change everything anyway - no, unsurprisingly the candidate did not do a PHD in basketweaving between 1935 and 2041 at the University of Milton Keynes...

  30. Thank you - as is customary, once it's too late to go to school, he perks up quite a bit... but still has a nasty cough and sniffles, so no regrets about keeping him home...

  31. EDIT - getting rid of this since 11+ people decided to downvote without bothering to argue the point.

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