1. ????? Where in my comment do you see me saying that you said he couldn’t 💀 I just said he definitely do this with ez probably

  2. Yeah because he definitely wasn’t going to destroy the Statue of Liberty when has speck ever used his apena rush on copper

  3. Bears don't attack massive packs of animals that are faster than them with their own packs

  4. I won't comment about whether bears would run from fights or not. But there are plenty of small prey animals bears should be able to hunt, such as meerkats and aardvarks. Grizzly bears are also omnivores, meaning that they do not need to solely hunt animals to survive.

  5. Meerkats and Aardvarks live underground and unless killed in mass wouldn't provide much for a bear

  6. Because he's up there Doomslayer for vague lore statements getting circlejerked into fact

  7. Would he be considered within the species if the reporter gives birth to a child that can reproduce?

  8. Chances are Pickle is just something else entirely, he was kicking around with dinosaurs like T-rexes which was the Cretaceous period, oldest primate (Not human, just primate) fossil dates back like 55 million years, fair bit after Cretaceous.

  9. I hope this isn't true. I really like the series but if there's going to be a one year hiatus I'm probably not going to support it anymore.

  10. Kid Goku from 21 St Tournament rivalled Roshi who was Moon buster.

  11. To be fair I don't think this/charged attacks really scales to characters' general ability, that's something that seems to be relatively consistent

  12. Am I blind or does it say more and not seconds? Kanoh Agito can launch a straight in 0.15 ms, or also 0.00015 seconds; he is high supersonic

  13. One of them 100% could’ve defeated Doppo, the other undoubtedly lost.

  14. Because A beating B and B beating C doesn't mean A will beat C and all that

  15. I mean not always, but you can beat a small bird and the small bird can beat an ant, would you doubt you can beat the ant too ?

  16. I would doubt this being a good analogy, the difference in power here obviously isn't that big

  17. "He isn't, there are literally dozens upon dozens of things that contradict that but I think the simpler response is there's nothing showing he is in the first place"

  18. I don't know what to tell you, if you've played the games then literally everything makes the idea of him being universal fucking ridiculous

  19. Not gonna lie, power scaling has ruined the entertainment value of the show. People can have off days and BS wins to influence the results. People don't usually win in this show just because they are stronger with one exception, Yujiro. Everyone else can use their tools to beat pretty much anyone elese and their defenses to beat anyone else. Usually it's situational. One on one Baki whoops anyone but Yanagi had a win against him yet Yanagi is the weakest of the inmates.

  20. How is Yanagi the weakest inmate? If anything he's the strongest

  21. Wow shiba kick someone half arena way

  22. The phrase plot armour and its consequences have been a disaster for Kengan Ashura discourse.

  23. It's an actual crime that people kept talking about Ohma supposedly getting more durable but there was literally no mention of Wakatsuki fucking opening his third eye in that fight and getting top tier foresight

  24. Don’t like to bring it up often but reminder that Daro used to draw South Park yaoi

  25. I feel like if you bring it up you kinda have a responsibility to also bring up the fact there is a literal episode of South Park that aired a day before this tweet where the entire plot

  26. What I'm demanding here is that characters show at least some level of consistency when you claim them to be a certain level

  27. If the plot is laid out in such a way it's impossible for a character to be that strong, then the character is that strong, and abusing style over substance doesn't change the fact they can be consistent without causing big explosions all the time.

  28. Somehow Baki isn't even the most wanked character mentioned in that post which is terrifying

  29. Kind of hard to wank someone more than a character who people consistently think is literally infinity times stronger than his best feats show.

  30. You're using a singular pronoun here but the thing is it could literally apply to any of those three fuckers lol

  31. This is really weird? Like this implies that Hoiukoshi wrote the world, powerscale and general quirk system for MHA before even considering how his main character would interact with it?

  32. Oliva would try to beat Jack in a biting contest and i can't see it ending in anything else than a complete disaster

  33. Oliva finally meets the only other human being that would do jaw muscle workouts

  34. My mistake, I meant that it doesn't prove that Jack would beat Oliva, I'll edit that now

  35. I don't think it was? Either way it doesn't really change the implication

  36. Do you have sources again what the Bandit? no? Then I have jo reason to not believe him.

  37. Jack bites, Batman who's weaker and slower was beating on him pretty hard even when trying to just brawl

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