1. Being a white worm (Direct subordinate) means literally nothing other than you aren't actual

  2. I'm pretty sure Hanayama with Hanma genetics is just diluted Hanma genetics lol, he'd be inferior in everything save for like grip strength.

  3. I mean Baki is already 50% so I don't think that's fair, I think the question is more or less asking Hanayama with his standard physicals but he also get's Baki's talent and training

  4. Kehaya’s AP has to be somewhere around Doppo level, which means that The Professor won’t be getting knocked out easily

  5. Honestly I disagree with your take on Kehaya's physicals, his boulder feat as mocked as it is, is like far above what someone like Doppo has ever shown.

  6. Katou loses if he fucks around, Filth had Doppo matched or beaten in terms of sheer strength and resilience and that's not a level of brute force Katou can hope to weather. If he doesn't take his enemy seriously then he'll be too fucked up to win before he starts.

  7. Honestly these are all semantics. I don’t necessarily disagree with you, my reply aimed to explain why those specifically weren’t great examples.

  8. I feel like you’re cherry picking pretty hard even within your own sources, Baki said he didn’t think it was possible, not that Yujiro couldn’t do it. He didn’t state whether Yujiro could or couldn’t, but he thought he might.

  9. its cool, you can just use the predator from predator comics then.

  10. A lot of characters were amped by Baki universe, like Karelin was Gallen who was freaking wrestling Monster Anacondas in Baki anime...

  11. Persona isn't exactly known for its fleshed out and interesting villains, and to put it bluntly most of them are D or F tier. Character like Madarame barely function well enough for the plot to function.

  12. My biggest issue with Madarame besides the like weirdly inconsistent take in the game about how he should be viewed is he's just a massive shark jump

  13. Honestly I think he does and I think he's exactly the same level you say he is if not weaker

  14. Musashi I get your point but no way no they would Alai. Fei’s dd makes his perception and speed far beyond Alai. Niko style water and redirection Kata make 90% of all his boxing punches useless. Doppo’s foresight is ok but we’ve seen speed boost of Ohma’s advance have hindered foresight similar to Doppo’s at least partially. Fei is faster than Ohma and he’s got better reaction abilities

  15. That is some mighty fine, USDA Grade horsepoop, you're enjoying there. Yujiro not holding back, kills most of the roster, including Baki. Easy.

  16. This notion that Yujiro was giving it his all, much less the possiblity that he and Baki are anywhere near the same level?

  17. Do you want to give like an actual reason for that or are you just going to continue sucking yourself off?

  18. I was about to ask why there's such an overlap between Baki fans and people who care about Andrew Tate but then I realised quickly how obvious that question is

  19. sure, but cell is a solar system level being. His slap send dude flying like 2km away.

  20. It might sound like a Joke, but he will casually Solo be Baki universe.

  21. He got slapped into rocks, didn't damage said rocks and was reeling in pain

  22. OP said lifting power so I'm talking about possible lifting power based on what I believe and observe--think whatever you want but it seems you're the one who doesn't understand the question lol

  23. Does a good fight constitute as doing no meaningful damage then getting crippled by single strikes?

  24. I find the fact that you remember him funny as hell

  25. Weren't you the guy who went on an absolute meltdown and proclaimed it unacceptable for a writer to have a villian rape someone no matter the context

  26. Them serving different story purposes doesn't change the underlying morals. Ryuji still did the things he did and hurt the people he did. His 'charisma' if anything is a distraction; it's presented as one of his 'good qualities' but isn't there to erase the bad.

  27. It doesn't change the morals but once again it changes how they're viewed which is precisely what will be the factor for how people feel towards the character

  28. I wouldn't say mere differences in presentation justify the drastic difference in hate, especially when it's the morals of the characters that people are discussing, not necessarily the storywriting.

  29. Didn’t Oliva take a shotgun blast to the stomach and brush it off like sand? That shit would never happen IRL no matter how “rock hard” you think your abs are. Go ahead, try it. It dare you.

  30. What's your point? Oliva in real life also wouldn't be able to easily shatter concrete, he is a fictional character with superhuman physical abilities

  31. Looks like it goes through steel to me

  32. Funny enough that wouldn’t really matter tbh Baki became a fighter for his mom to at first but and now when the last time he actually thought of her

  33. What are you talking about? I t would fundamentally change him as a character

  34. Honestly can we just all agree that the earthquake scene was just stupid and should probably just be forgotten. Logically, we don’t know and will never know if Yujiro truly stopped that earthquake or if it was just a coincidence of timing lol

  35. No one here is saying isn't stupid but logically the implication is downright impossible to die

  36. Bending steel is really not even in the same dimension as stopping an earthquake

  37. That he was already strong enough, Hanayama believes that practiced martial arts are essentially a crutch and that he shouldn't have relied on those techniques

  38. Well, Baki characters are still humans, so they have human weaknesses (at least some of them).

  39. Cool, I never said they don't have vitals, I'm saying their vitals are likely far stronger than normal humans so Yanagi' technique here probably wouldn't do much

  40. But since Yanagi himself is also super human, then from his perspective superhuman weaknesses are like normal human weaknesses for a normal human.

  41. A normal human weakness isn't someone being able to blow you brains out through your ears

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